Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So Long, Farewell

It is official. I am no longer a partner in Aussenberg Waggoner LLP. Tears, grief, sorrow, more tears. The desk, credenza, file cabinet and bookcases have been removed from the office I adored and replaced with someone else and something else. I leave behind not just beautiful furniture, artwork and every detail that was selected with pride and joy; I leave behind something else. Even the word maestro cannot describe it.

So it goes with life lessons. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. One door closes, another opens.

Patti, Chris, Brett, Jennifer, Dana and Jill - I wish you and your families the best. I hope you will carry on the values that were always so important to me - Look diligently for solutions without creating new problems or making the existing ones worse. Make every case and every client your most important one.

Next, I bid farewell to Team Dream. When the days were dark and no one knew where to turn or what to do, it was an uplifting idea, and a wonderful way to keep up my spirits. Almost $25,000.00 has been raised, which astounds me. You have given generously and from your heart. There is no way to tell you what that means to me. I have spoken with the director of the National Lung Cancer Partnership, which is the organization with which Team Dream is associated. I have been assured that your donations will be used wisely, in exactly the way they were intended. If you would still like to contribute to Team Dream in my honor, the opportunity will remain available until the end of July. No pressure. You have already been wonderful. John donated the first $100.00 and on July 31, John will contribute the last $100.00. There will always be opportunities to contribute to this woefully underfunded cause. The Addarios, the Gaetas, NLCP, these are just some of the organizations that are actively fundraising, educating, and more. I intend to participate in local events aimed at raising funds for lung cancer research and I hope you will join me. As for the paddling adventure, I am looking into ways to make it an annual event. It may have a different format, but it will still be a blast.

And, finally, I am bidding farewell to my beloved blog. It has been the single most important factor in seeing me through the past year. I counted on it more than you will ever know. But it is time to move on, to turn my energies elsewhere. I reserve the right to come back to the blog if I need to, but I am stable for now, and have different needs. I'd love to hear from you as I close this chapter; Burton may also be willing to explain how to become a blog follower, so that if I do post anything in the future that you will automatically receive notification by email. I may also use the website that was used to schedule meals for my family. I can send out email blasts from there, and you can also post comments, so if you have not signed up you may want to consider doing so now.

Houston, we're at stable one. The ship is secure. This is Apollo 13 signing off.

Love to all.


Lenore and Scott said...

Whoa...that is a lot of news to digest. I hope we are friends indeed and not just friends in need. I confess (and self flagalate) over the fact that I have been less than obvious lately. You know I love you and will always be here for you. This is not farewell for sure, it's just a good sign that the blog world is no longer mission critical. TALK TO YOU SOON!!!!!!! Oh and now that I have been sucked into the vortex of evil (Facebook) we can be "friends" there too!

Anonymous said... much to take usual it was expressed beautifully with no wasted words....well, maybe its time to move on....better to float with the current, than be a salmon going upstream...the bloggers have all been connected with you and we will continue to connect in different are finding a new trail....enjoy



Ann said...

We have shared, and continue to share so much...together we have laughed, cried, walked, drank, paddled, cuddled dogs, watched movies, sat through chemo, gossiped, blogged, and recently fobbed(note: this is not a typo). The blog has been cathartic to you and an inspiration to all of us. It has served a great purpose, and I am glad for that.
May you continue to go forward in good health and strength and be as happy as you can be. Love you!

Susan said...

Though the blog will be missed, channels of healing, love and support will be maintained & continue to grow. Where & how you go, so will we, your friends & family. You are a great author, not to mention a true inspiration! We will embrace the next chapters together & with love. Hugs, Susan

Anonymous said...

E: I wish you all the best in your many new adventures! mbh

Anonymous said...


I am going to miss your blog...I appreciate the shout out to my family and hope the same for your's. We are hanging in there this summer. Zachary is in MS at Jacobs. He is having a blast. Dani is at Ogelthorpe for a drama one week sleep away. I am having withdrawal, b/c she is usually whining and complaining all over the house. Oh yea, Haley is right here bugging me to turn on the TV for her. We all love you and miss you. Let's get together and hang out soon.

Love, Jill K. (and family)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping me understand what my mother in law is going through. I will miss reading your blog. My warmest wishes for your future, may it be a long and happy one.

Erica from Sydney, Australia

Rachel said...

A new chapter indeed. I know it's the most overused expression, but I have now learned firsthand that Change Is Good. You are entering a new and improved phase, and leaving behind old encumbrances, with a big dose of bitter sweetness. Have no doubt --- great things lie ahead.
We will stay in touch the old way - maybe by picking up the phone and calling, or emailing, or texting. But now that we have gotten a taste of your elegant prose, we may want to correspond the old old old way, by letter writing... Imagine ... xxoooo

Anonymous said...

WOW! No more blogging is somewhat surprising but Elyse leaving the law firm she established and nurtured all these years even more surprising.The good news is that we will have more time for shopping and great lunching.
The blog was so comforting during your illness when we didn't have to annoy your family with calls asking about you. I will miss seeing how expertly you express yourself.
Oh!well moving on. Keep getting better and better and we will keep in touch the old fashioned way.
We love you!

Burton said...

Wow, Elyse, are you really leaving AW, ending the blog, and assigning me homework on your way out the door?

Actually, although I am "following" your blog through my Google/Blogger account, I do not get email notifications of new posts. But, it sure seems like a good idea. And, as best I can tell, the place for you to start is at blogger dashboard->settings->email. There may be something there you can turn on that puts a subscription option on your blog.

Regardless, it has been an amazing journey so far and I look forward to wherever this transition takes us. Starting with a big hug in Houston very soon. Can't wait to see you!


Anonymous said...

Elyse, on to the next adventure, but I will miss the blog and look forward to the next written manifestation of your amazing spirit, insights and wisdom. Look forward to shared time this week! - Michelle N

Anonymous said...

I will miss your blog but am happy that you are stable and feel secure in putting the blogging behind you. Best of health to you in the future. Thank you for helping me through a difficult time with my beloved mom.

Forrest said...

Hi Elyse,

Needless to say I was surprised to read of you leaving AW but very glad to hear you are doing so well that you have the energy to move on to other things. You know I wish you the best in whatever you do. I hope to see you around soon.

Steve Beagle said...

Elyse aka Ali - the inspiration of my life Dylan sings stay forever young..

No comedy.. just prayers and G-d speed. We love you and want you to know we are here for whatever you may need.
Steve Beagle and Family..

July 7, 2009 11:52 AM

Anonymous said...

Wow, We're all going to miss the blog. Poignant, insightful, the list goes on . . .

Ann said...

Speaking of life lessons, you have taught me many of those as well, and you have been a great teacher. Never, ever, ever lose your touch. Many doors await you.I am forever grateful.

Wendy said...

Dear Elyse,

You are such a pillar of strength. Thank you for the blog, and for sharing so much of yourself during this time. To know that you are in a stable place, and doing what you need to for yourself, is such a blessing. It's so good to be back in touch. You are quite special. Love, Wendy

Lenore and Scott said...

You look so good. It was fun!

Lenore and Scott said...

it's almost midnight on July 31st:

I hope life treats you kind
And I hope you have all you've dreamed of.
And I wish to you, joy and happiness.
But above all this, I wish you love.

See you soon.

Terri said...

I missed the cut off date but think of you often and wish you the best Love, Terri

Valerie said...

Hi Elyse. I'm a blast from your past at UF. I can't remember the name of the old ancient dorm, but you had the back room and I had the front. I was Valerie Hays then, now McElroy living in Colorado. Had long straight brown hair. You have been on my heart now for awhile, and I've finally located you. If you get this, I would love to be in contact with you. Take care, Valerie

Anonymous said...

Elyse, you are amazing. Your love, strength, commitment, everything. Love, Kent

Burton said...


Still sending love and positive vibes.


Zac said...

Hey do you have an email? I came across your blog when searching for tubing on a river. I'm not a quack or trying to sell you on anything, I just have a simple food thing you can adjust to remove the fuel for the cancer. Shoot me an email privately if you'd like to try it. -Z

Lenore and Scott said...

We miss you. I hope you are doing all the things you love again.

Alanna Sobel said...

Thinking about you, Elyse and I wanted you to know. I wish I had taken the opportunity to tell you before now and I will always regret that.
I'm so thankful that my mom and all of your friends and family were by your side the entire time. I know they will now take care of each other, support each other, love each other and comfort each other with stories of how you left your mark on their lives - how you taught them so much - and they will exchange treasured memories about you with each other - you will be remembered, Elyse, forever.
Sincerely and with love,

Debbie said...

I can not say it any better than my daughter,Alanna, said above.We live on through our children-they carry all our caring and our values.Brent ,you will carry your mom in your heart always,as your Dad and all of us will.All of our love,Debbie & Kenny Sobel

Lenore and Scott said...

It was a beautiful service and I know you are so incredibly proud of John and especially Brent. You brought hundreds of us together - as only you could do. It wasn't the best of circumstances to reconnect with old friends, but the hugs and love made the day a little easier. You would have enjoyed hosting so many in your home and would have just plotzed at the amount of food. We will always be there for John and Brent and you can rest comfortably knowing they have a boundless support group. We miss you something awful.

DAVID HAAS said...

I have a question about your blog. Please email me!