Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Treatment

I got the green light to begin the new chemo regimen, and so it happened today.

Here is how my appointment with Dubovsky went:

Dubovsky: How do you feel? You look great.
EA: I feel about the same as last week, maybe a slight improvement. I started driving this week.
Dubovsky: Congratulations on driving. I know that's a big step for you. Any questions or concerns? You look great.
EA: I still cough all the time. I'll celebrate my "one solid year of coughing" anniversary next month.
Dubovsky: I'll talk to Scheinberg about an inhaler, you should consider putting in a whole-house humidifier, and cover your nose with a scarf when you go out. Any other questions or concerns? You look great.
EA: How are my counts? How is my vitamin D? Do I still need to take baby aspirin?
Dubovsky: Counts look great. Vitamin D is a little low but well within normal range. Stop baby aspirin on Tuesday. You look great. Chemo starts as soon as you can walk down the hall and get the IV in your arm.
Dr. D's dictation: Blah blah blah she looks great.

Boy, all I can say is his other patients must look like s--t.

Love to all.


Anonymous said...

Or maybe you really are as HOT as I keep telling you you are! HA!! You sure he doesn't want a date! Or was he in a hurry to the golf course? Are you sure he isn't a cosmetic surgeon-- "You look great, wear a scarf, that will be $500.00." HA

I'm glad to hear he cleared up why you have a fever, why the cough isn't gone and that your still capable of moving heavy machinery.

No really,I'm sorry he wasn't any help. Must have been a very frustrating appointment. I could always egg his car:) Love you, Bridgette

Steve Beagle said...

Ali - why didn't you tell him he should quit his day job and become a comedic impersonator.. he is just another Billy Crystal wannabe " You look MAAAAAVALOUS, Absolutely MAAAVALOUS.." now that's the real truth.. LH&P - Steve

Lenore and Scott said... do look great (considering). AND you're probably right - alot of people he sees likely do look like s--t. AND, I guess if one were trying to look on the bright side of that conversation, he wasn't gloomy and morose. AND, I think I've heard some dictations like that. AND I'll talk to you soon!

Ann said...

Don't know if I've told you this lately, but ......
you look great!!!!!!

Steve Beagle said...

By the way Ali let's make one thing perfectly clear here. I am the resident comedic guy for the blog..
I know you can run circles around me if you wanted too but for right now while you are taking a well deserved sabbatical I am Steve the temp...

Here's some recent topical stuff to start your morning from Tito the pool boy as opposed to Joe the uncertified plumber...

A new study says that unhappy people watch more TV. I just want to say, helllllooo, Republicans.

Sociologists say that nine months after Election Day, there could be thousands of Obama babies born, because a lot of people celebrate a big victory by having sex. This is nothing new. In fact, John McCain is a Lincoln baby.

Barack Obama won’t be able to use his BlackBerry or even e-mail once he’s president, due to security issues. He says he still wants a laptop for the Oval Office desk, however. Bush thought he had a laptop — but it was just an Etch A Sketch.

Hillary Clinton may take the job of secretary of state. The secretary of state serves at the pleasure of the president. To which Bill Clinton said, “Yeah, that’ll be a first . . .”

It was so cold today, I was shaking like Sarah Palin taking a geography test.

The Big Three automakers are asking the government for bailout money. If it gets any worse, these guys will have to trim their $10 million bonuses.

People magazine has named Hugh Jackman as their “Sexiest Man Alive.” Al Franken is demanding a recount.

It looks like Hillary Clinton will be secretary of state. Not only that, she will receive the home version of the presidency as a parting gift.

Earlier today, the heads of the GM, Ford, and Chrysler appeared together in front of Congress to ask for a $25 billion bailout. When asked what they would do with the money, all three said, “Buy a new BMW.”

Yesterday, Barack Obama’s daughters Malia and Sasha made their first visit to the White House. The girls were excited to see where they’ll be living, and President Bush was excited to finally have someone to play hide ‘n’ seek with.

This week John McCain met with his advisers to prepare to run for re-election to the Senate. Apparently, McCain’s new campaign slogan is “Now 100% Sarah Palin-Free.”

Today is Larry King's birthday. As a result, we are currently experiencing a worldwide candle shortage.

Convicted felon Ted Stevens was officially declared the loser in the Alaska Senate race. He’s OK with it, though. He says he’s done with politics. He wants to spend quality time making shanks with the grandkids.

The economy’s getting bad. Broadway attendance is down 90 percent. Economists are saying it is a terrible time to be gay.

But when is it a good time to be gay? I guess whenever you are redecorating.

Larry King turns 75 today. It’s the first time since he was in his 20s that he has had more birthdays than ex-wives.

There was a rumor that Hillary Clinton would be chosen by Barack Obama to be secretary of state. Now that might not be the case. Maybe the best indicator that she might not take the job is that today, Bill took down his eHarmony page.

Forbes magazine came out with their list of “Hottest Tots,” the hottest babies in the world. I guess these days there isn’t much going on in the stock market.

It’s reported that Barack Obama’s new attorney general is going to be Eric Holder. Here is what we know about him: His name is Eric Holder.

It’s being reported that Hillary Clinton will accept the position of secretary of state. Actually this works out great for the Clintons. While Hillary is concentrating on foreign affairs, Bill can get back to concentrating on domestic affairs.

Barack Obama says one of his top priorities once he becomes president is closing down Guantanamo Bay. And to make sure it closes, he’s going to turn it into a bank.

According to the New York Post, Sarah Palin may appear on the season finale of “Desperate Housewives.” In a related story, John McCain just got a big Flomax commercial.

Top Ten Things Overheard During Obama'a Meeting With McCain

10. "Oh, just preparing to be president. What have you been up to?"
9. "I know a guy who would be a perfect secretary of plumbing"
8. "What is the deal with that Alaskan babe?"
7. "Let's wrap this up; Wheel of Fortune's on"
6. "Seriously, what was the deal with that Alaskan babe?"
5. "Actually, it's now the 'Straight Talk Express and Girls Gone Wild' bus"
4. "Uh John, this isn't another debate"
3. "Where's the soup? Someone said there'd be soup!"
2. "I know I'm trailing by 192 electoral votes two weeks after the election, but I've got you right where I want you!"
1. "Maybe you'd be president-elect if you hadn't crossed Letterman"

Cold in New York City. So cold, today Sarah Palin spent $150,000 on mittens.

Sarah Palin has landed a $7 million book deal. She got it through a guy named Joe the publisher.

When she was asked about writing a book, she said, “You bethcha! As long as I don’t have to read it.”

Wow — $7 million. Maybe now she can buy her own clothing.

Yesterday in Chicago, President-elect Obama met with former political rival John McCain. Both men said it was a relief to put their differences aside, sit down, and really make fun of Sarah Palin.

Yesterday, President Bush awarded a National Medal of the Arts to Stan Lee, the comic book artist who created “Spider-Man.” Afterwards, Bush said it was the first thing he’s done as president that “felt right.”

Political experts say Hillary Clinton may not be given the position secretary of state because of Bill Clinton’s activities. When he heard this, Bill said, “It’s only fair — she denies me positions all the time.”

Happy birthday to the Alaska senator, and convicted felon, Ted Stevens. Today he turns 85 to life.

Everyone wants to know Barack Obama’s plans for the White house. They already know his economic plan to help small businesses that make under $250,000 a year — like General Motors.

Michael Jackson is in trouble again. He is supposed to testify in a lawsuit, but his lawyer says he’s too sick to travel. He can only travel in an emergency — like a Jonas Brothers concert.

Raging fires in California. So far, 32,000 acres have burned. It seems ironic that the flamingest state in the Union voted against gay marriage.

It looks like Hillary Clinton might be Barack Obama’s secretary of state. She went from almost being president to a secretary.

Sounds like somebody needs to watch “Working Girl” — that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

The secretary of state travels all over the world meeting with foreign leaders sometimes spending months away from his or her husband. But that’s just the sacrifice Bill is willing to make.

The latest rumor is that Barack Obama has offered the job of secretary of state to Hillary Clinton. That’s kind of sad considering how close Hillary came to being the first female president. Imagine after that . . . her next job offer? Secretary.

Hillary Clinton might make a very good secretary of state — she can cackle in seven different languages.

Today in Chicago, for the first time since the election, John McCain sat down with President-elect Barack Obama. Obama agreed to sit down and talk to McCain without any preconditions.

Barack Obama’s mother-in-law might be moving into the White House with them. Joe Biden was right — hostile forces will test Obama in the first few months.

Top Ten Good Things About Being Named James Bond

10. "I've made a fortune selling autographed crap on eBay"
9. "I have amazing gadgets, like a clock that's also a radio"
8. "Lots of admiring looks when they call my table at T.G.I. Friday's"
7. "At the movie theater, I get a free squirt of chemical butter"
6. "Once, I received a $5,000 residual check that should have gone to Pierce Brosnan"
5. "Calling my boss 'M' instead of Mr. Glickstein"
4. "When my brother says, 'Bond, Fred Bond,' he just looks like a jerk"
3. "Always gets a laugh when I order my Jamba Juice 'shaken, not stirred'"
2. "Halle Berry once accidentally slept with me"
1. "President Bush keeps calling me about capturing bin Laden"

They’re saying Hillary Clinton may be secretary of state. If she takes that job, it means she’ll be spending a lot of time away from home. Today, she took out her pantsuit with the travel stickers.

Then she bought an electronic ankle bracelet for Bill.

Sen. McCain and President-elect Barack Obama got together for a visit. Obama thanked McCain for choosing that nutty Alaskan chick.

Then Obama said to McCain, “Hey I’m catching up to you — I just got a second home.”

Last night on “60 Minutes,” Barack Obama said that since he won the election he has slept in his own bed every night. After hearing this, Bill Clinton said, “Man, this guy has a lot to learn.”

Earlier today in Chicago, Barack Obama tried to smooth things over by meeting with his former opponent John McCain. Obama congratulated McCain on running a good campaign, and McCain congratulated Obama on being “a stupid jerkface.”

Henry Kissinger says if Barack Obama picks Hillary Clinton to be his secretary of state, it will be a sign of “great courage” on his part. Then Kissinger said, “Seriously Barack, protect your nuts.”

Obama says that he’s taking his time picking out a dog for his daughters because he’s looking for a pet that won’t shed its hair. Which is the exact same reason he picked Joe Biden.

According to literary agents in New York, Sarah Palin is about to sign a $7 million book deal. They didn’t say she was going to write one or read one, but she’s going to sign it.

She’s not ruling out running for the Senate in 2010. She’s already formed an exploratory committee to explain to her what the Senate is.

The fire in California has threatened Oprah’s house. Don’t worry — she turned on her force field and the fire went away, ashamed of itself.

Forrest said...

Maybe you do look great for someone who has just been through your ordeal! Your retellng was very funny even if it was a frustrating experience.

Anonymous said...

On CNN Medical News online, there is a piece about a drug called Iressa which presumably is better than Chemo for lung cancer, with much fewer side effects. Thought you might like to check it out.

Susie Gerchicoff

Anonymous said...


I am so glad you could write your blog. I check everyday hoping for updates. I dare not call you on the phone, as I do not want to be a bother. Please know you are still in my prayers every day, all day. Love to you, John and Brent.

Anonymous said...

your previous blog was from me. I forgot to sign it. Joyce