Sunday, November 23, 2008

Round 2, No. 1

Thursday went well, and thank goodness for steroids. That got me through Friday. Different story this weekend. It was not unexpected that a body already compromised would feel the effects of chemo. And so that is the case. I am hunkered down with tylenol, ativan, and old movies, gathering my strength to take a bath.

It is gratifying to see the food calendar filling up. I am still fighting weight loss, so don't be afraid to splurge on those calories. There is a time and place for low fat and low carb, and this isn't it.

I'm gearing up to prepare my Thanksgiving thankfuls. There are definitely some different angles this year. If they're not too cheesey, I'll share them.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you this weekend and figuring that between everyone in our family being sick and your being fresh off the latest treatment regime, that a visit with us was not such a good idea.

We have had a lazy day - nothing productive done - just napping, reading, drawing, pillow fights, hide and seek, and occasional fighting. Pretty nice.

Glad to know that you are looking so great (and am sure it is not just in comparison!), but wishing you were feeling as great.

Hope you mustered up the strength for that warm bath.

Sending Love, Michelle N.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you all the time this thanksgiving season. I would feel thankful and blessed if my two most important prayers are answered--those prayers that ask for your speedy recovery and your well being. I will now add to those prayers that you will feel few side effects and have minimal to no problems during your chemo and recovery. Just want to let you know that you are loved all day, every day. I know the road to recovery seems long, but I feel so strongly that you will win in the end.

Joyce Denys
Joyce Denys

Ann said...

I am sorry it has been a tough weekend for you. I know that you will rise above this, as you have everything else. Hang in there, and just know that the average Thanksgiving meal is about 3000 calories, so you have that to look forward to.
I hope you get your strength and energy back soon. I know the doggies will help you feel good if nothing else.
Love you.

eeplan said...

I know this must be such a tough time for you, my friend. I know that I felt so much better after I saw you a few weeks ago and I, too, thought you looked "great!" I am going to give Dan Streeter your blog address so that you guys can exchange chemo stories.

Thinking of you, Elyse, and sending all of our love - Elise

Anonymous said...

Please share any insights you may have about why you contracted this dreadful disease.


Steve Beagle said...

Ali - aka Elyse..

I will be focusing the prayer load over this day of giving thanks to you. Your strength,constant will to win and self insight in beating your illness has inspired us all from day 1. As Ali states:

"Give up what appears to be doubtful for what is certain. Truth brings peace of mind, and deception doubt.”

Keep doing what you are doing .. mind over matter.

SOme topical jokes to follow.. LH&P,

Steve and family..

Susan said...

Now back from Savannah. Hope you are feeling better today. Thinking of you always, my friend!
Hugs, Susan

Regina Vidaver said...

Happy Thanksgiving Elyse!
My Thanksgiving wish for you is that the road of chemotherapy to CURE be as easy as possible.

Take care,

Terri said...

We know you look great, just need you to feel great. Hope you will enjoy Thanksgiving and spend it with those you love. One of my son's friends tried to kill herself this week- young, pretty, healthy- it just does not make sense. The old saying "Youth is wasted on the young" rings true. Let us all be thankful for the precious life that we have, good times and bad. Love, Terri

Wendy L said...

Sending you my love and best wishes. Enjoy the love of your family over this Thanksgiving.


Lenore and Scott said...

We hope you a FEAST-filled Thanksgiving. Even under the circumstances, there is much to be thankful for!!

Anonymous said...


Just a catch up email. I head to Maryland tomorrow for 3 days and then to teach in Fallon, Nevada for 3 days. Apparently Fallon is known for two Navy bombing ranges, 3 legal whore houses, Mormon polygamists (take heed John), and a cow chip throwing contest. Should be quite a class. I'm signed up for meal duty in mid-December. I will try and come up with the most fattening think I can. I made my first home made Alfredo sauce as part of a shrimp and crab lasagna this week. If that sounds appealing I may try that.

Our thankfullness starts with the fact that each day we have woken up. It is all gravy above that.

Love to all.

Joe Rosen

Steve Beagle said...

Hey Ali - hope your Turkey Day was peaceful and you are feeling better.. as promised some albeit weak late night fodder:

The executives of the Big Three automakers have said that they will now carpool to Washington next year instead of flying in on private jets. To make sure there won’t be any problems, they will drive a Toyota.

The economy is so bad, the White House turkey turned down the pardon. He says he lost all his money in the stock market and has nothing left to live for.

Top Ten Signs President Bush Doesn't Care Anymore

10. Hasn't taken off his Iron Man costume since Halloween
9. The menu for the White House Thanksgiving dinner? Corn dogs and Beefaroni
8. Drew a picture of Garfield on Dick Cheney's bald head
7. He's barely trying to ruin the economy anymore
6. Spent the entire weekend in the Oval Office pardoning himself
5. Saw Osama at Arby's drive-thru but didn't feel like chasing him
4. Spends Cabinet meetings scanning classifieds for next job
3. Primary focus is surpassing Hank Paulson's high score on "Guitar Hero"
2. Asking Obama, "How soon can you bail me out of the White House?"
1. Started dating hefty interns

Obama got $800 billion to rescue the economy. All I can say is, Thank you, Oprah.

During the transition, President Bush is busy granting pardons. Today he pardoned Sarah Palin for her interview with Katie Couric.

In a speech this morning, Barack Obama said, “This isn’t about big government or small government. It’s about building a smarter government.” When he heard this, President Bush said, “I get it, I get it. I’m leaving.”

Earlier today, John McCain gave his first press conference since the election, and he said that for a lot of people, Sarah Palin was an energizing factor during the campaign. Unfortunately for McCain those people are called Democrats.

A new study has found that the Ford Motor Company makes the cars with the highest safety ratings. Apparently Ford cars are so safe because they never leave the dealer’s lot.

Sarah Palin is back on the campaign trail. She’s going to go to the Senate runoff election down in Georgia. As soon as she finds out where Georgia is, she’s going right down there . . .

Somali pirates have captured another ship. Interestingly, al-Qaida has declared war on the pirates — it’s like evil versus evil. It’s like Dick Cheney versus his lawyer.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Sorry to here your so tired! I am most thankful that you are improving even if not at 100% and my prayer is that this New Year brings you a miracle.

We had an interesting week in Utah--Chase's appenix ruptured! Ya the great mother that I am assumed he had the stomach flu and had him just wait out the vomiting for about 36 hours before realizing "this may not be the flu?!" So we went to ER and it had already ruptured and he was SUPER sick. So that happened Tuesday and we just brought him home today:) Kelsey, Tim and Carrie flew in and we had fun together. Everyone said to tell you hello and they hope you feel better soon! Chase seems to be feeling better too considering. Well Happy Thanksgiving!!!! BIG HUG!! Love Bridgette

Anonymous said...

Just looked and saw many spelling errors in my last text-- I really need to spell check! HA

Anonymous said...

I mean blog! HAHAHA Ok I'll stop now:)

Anonymous said...

Elyse, I've been keeping track of you from afar and praying for you. I am overwhelmed with admiration at your courage and positive outlook.

May God bless you and make of your life a story to inspire and teach others.

Stan Brovont