Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

To all of my friends and family who celebrate, I wish you a holiday filled with peace and joy, and a new year that brings more of the same plus an abundance of good health and happiness.




Charna said...

Wishing you and John and Brent a new year filled with happiness and wishing you more of the same of good friends, support, love and strength, but not more of the same of what you've been through. May you have an OVERabundance of good health. I hope you feel as happy as Dewey looks. (That is Dewey, right?) Hugs and Love, Charna

Ann said...

MY DASH!!!!!! How cute.
Bonus points for that one.

patti said...

Oh, Dash! :-)

Because of you, Elyse, I will cherish each and every moment of this holiday and will learn to appreciate those gifts of good health and happiness all the more in the new year.

You are always in my thoughts.

Love you,

Lenore and Scott said...

I invite everyone into the 4-H club for 2009: Health, happiness, heart and hope. Elyse is already a memeber :)
So, Scott was brushing Lucas' teeth last night and found Dot and SDJJ in there :)
Say hi to the family. It was wonderful seeing you!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish you, John and Brent a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and spiritually meaningful Kwanzaa. You might as well have a Happy New Years as well... Here's looking to the new year for a renewal of health and happiness.


Howard D., not the other guy who goes by the same name....

Wendy said...


And may you have the gift of good health and strength this Chanukah and New Year! What a beautiful gift of good wishes you send to all. And Elyse, I was so incredibly touched this week to find a contribution from your law firm for our Empty Bowl Dinner --with all that you are going through, I am doubley moved by your caring for others! When my newly found cold clears up, I'd like to come by when you're up for a visit! Love to you, and to John and Brent and all of your 4-legged ones. Love, Wendy

Anonymous said...

Am with friends in Sandestin. Cooked them the traditional Jewish Christmas breakfast. Spam & cheese on toast. it doesn't get any better.

We received this past year as a gift. We're now about to get another one. Each day is a gift, let's use them all happily and wisely.

Love to you, the guys, and the dogs

Joe Rosen

Steve Beagle said...

Ali - as we embark on another year, please continue your inner strength as it continues to inspire all of us..

Time to laugh

Bernie Madoff has been charged with swindling people out of $50 billion. I don’t want to say he’s unpopular, but today as he was walking in New York, he passed a manger scene and Joseph threw a sandal at him.

Here’s a holiday tip I learned over the weekend: A fruitcake can be used like a Duraflame log in the fireplace.

Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich says he will not fill Barack Obama’s seat any time soon. He says he’s going to wait until next summer when prices improve.

Top Ten Answers To The Question, "How Cold Is It?"

10. "It's so cold, auto company executives are asking Congress for soup"
9. "It's so cold, Tom Cruise is making a movie about a plot to assassinate Al Roker"
8. "It's so cold, Starbucks is selling antifreeze macchiatos"
7. "It's so cold, MSNBC employees gathered around Keith Olbermann's giant head for warmth"
6. "It's so cold, Bernie Madoff was defrauding Eskimos"
5. "It's so cold, this morning it took Joe Biden 40 minutes to defrost his hair plugs"
4. "It's so cold, O.J. led an armed raid to retrieve his space heater"
3. "It's so cold, Apple just introduced something called the iScarf"
2. "It's so cold, Iraqis are throwing snowshoes at President Bush"
1. "It's so cold, Santa said, 'Screw Christmas,' and took off for Rio"

It’s freezing cold today. It’s so cold that Bernie Madoff is looking forward to burning in hell.

It’s so cold today that people were throwing shoes at Al Roker.

It’s so cold today that President Bush was ducking ski boots.

Today is the second day of Hanukkah — John McCain made an appearance with Joe the rabbi.

This morning the news said it feels like it’s 10 below zero outside. It’s freezing. It’s so cold, I saw someone rubbing the Olsen twins together to start a fire.

President Bush says he’s already begun thinking about his farewell speech. Which means he’s only two years behind most Americans.

In an interview, Barack Obama says he plans on having a lot of jazz and classical music at the White house. After hearing this, President Bush said, “I better go break the bad news to the Wiggles.”

Toyota announced their first loss in 70 years. The head of Chrysler called them and said, “Don’t worry — you get used to it.”

Jim Carrey stars in a new movie where he can only say yes. That’s better than “Liar Liar” where he played a lawyer who told the truth. That’s about as believable as Mel Gibson playing a rabbi.

Happy Hanukkah, Mel.

Charna said...

Thanks fellow bloggers for letting me know it's Dash. Now I can get 4 out of 4 on a lineup.

Anonymous said...

I am really glad i've seen you a few times over the past month and it was also great meeting your son and husband. I hope that you have a great holiday and new year. I wish you the best.


sandplay said...

Love and warm Chanukah greetings on this eighth night,
David and Deanna

Anonymous said...


Happy last night of Hanukkah, Happy New Year, happy everything. The pic of Dash is SO cute! I hope you are having a really nice evening and that my son is being good for you guys. Big hugs to all and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Terri said...


Happy New Year to you and your family. May 2009 be a wonderful year for you. We will be at the Sugar Bowl to cheer on our Crimson Tide. I have never been to New Orleans before, it should be an adventure. Take care and I hope to see you when we return.

Love, Terri

Steve Beagle said...

Ali, John, Brent and the now famous Dach's -- many times this past week I stood inside a field of snowy birches alone and just prayed and asked G-d to protect you Elyse.. Being in such an awe inspiring place, that being in nature's peaceful harmony, I felt a strong connection to the miracle worker. I believe I felt the answer - he needs you here Elyse for oh so many infinite reasons. I also sensed that it would not be as smooth and as predictable as all of us would like but the outcome would be what we are all praying for..

I took a few creative liberties to modify this Ali quote..

You will beat this cancer so bad it will need a shoehorn to put it's hat on.
Muhammad Ali

LH&P -- Steve & the rest of the Beagle Brood....

Now laugh please....

Three men of G-d were asked the same question: "When does life begin?"

The Catholic priest answered: " at the moment of conception.."

The Angelican vicar replies: " when the child is born.."

And the Rabbi replied without even a thought: When the children are out of school, married and the mortgage is paid off! "

Lenore and Scott said...

Whatcha been doing?

Anonymous said...


Thinking of you much more often than my posts indicate. We all hope the new year brings you healthier and happier days. Please take care, all of you.

Judy P et al

Anonymous said...

Elyse, am down at Cumberland Island with Ron and the kids- their first visit. Great excitement at seeing their first wild horses and warm enough for swimming (for the kids who are seemingly impervious to cold). Thinking of you alot on my beach walks and thinking this would be a great gathering spot for a wilderness 2009 experience- just the right mix of the wonders of the outdoors paired with big porch swings with plenty of napping pillows. Sending you prayers and thoughts for a year of restored health and continued joy. - Michelle N

Marcy said...

Scott and I have been keeping up with you through your blog and our mutual acquaintances and you are often in our thoughts. We wish you a happy and above all HEALTHY New Year and know that your remarkable strength and positive attitude will see you through all of this. I hope to see you sometime soon if you feel up to it. Thinking of you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Elyse,

Wishing you a New Year filled with peace and hope. The Tarceva rash is a great sign!!


Forrest said...


Thanks for the Christmas wishes even though I read them late!