Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Good Days

The week is rolling on and I am continuing to get out and about. I have two more pulmonary rehab sessions under my belt, done some office time, had lunch out, and of course kept up with my MD visits. Given my status a month ago, I couldn't be more pleased with my progress at this point.

Because rust never sleeps, I am thinking ahead. I will need to be rescanned for a more accurate determination of the effect of the Tarceva; and I feel the need to keep my eye on the options if the current treatment fails. The good news is that clinical trials are ongoing, so options are expanding as time goes on. Nevertheless, I am on alert and on guard.

I am still struggling with the side effects of Tarceva. I have not yet found a prescription medication or an over-the-counter skin treatment to relieve the rash and dry skin on my face, which continue to plague me. However, Dr. D prescribed a marvelous antidote for the digestion issues - tincture of opium. That's right. Recreational drugs are making a comeback in my life. And not a moment too soon.

January has traditionally been a difficult month for me. Long, cold and dark. Not this year.


Chris Cleary said...

! G O S T E E L E R S !

Walter Cohen said...

You looked great the other day at lunch - close to your old self - keep progressing like you have been

Anonymous said...

You must educate us all about tincture of opium. I have had stomach issues for years. It might even help out with some sleeping issues. Do you have to have cancer to get this? Go Dr. D! So glad to hear you getting back to some semblance of normalcy. Love you, Liz

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to log on and see another post from you -- and and again with good news! When my mother was battling advanced Crohn's disease, the ticture of opium was a miracle for her symptoms. I hope you experience similar relief. It's also particularly wonderful to see you looking ahead as you seek cutting edge treatment. We all send our love, Cynthia and family

Eric said...

Keep on Rockin!


Burton said...

Something about the mention of narcotics and recreation makes me think of Ponce de Leon and other fountain of youth memories....

I never tire of reading your good news, Elyse. Keep paddling!

Much love, Burton

Anonymous said...


Yay! It's so good to see you feeling better and upbeat. If you need some companionship during one of your drug therapy sessions (um, not the Tarceva, the other one), count me in!


Ann said...

Your positive outlook is absolutely contagious! Not to mention uplifting to all of us blog readers! And remember who your friends are if you want to share your recreational drugs....I'm in.

Bruce M. said...

I asked last week for more good news and just got it...thank you...Now we know why opium has been used for thousands of years.

Bruce M.

Terri said...

Ditto the above! I read the other day that plain old milk of magnesia when applied to the face helped with rashes. I think you put it on your face, leave it on 5-10 minutes like a mask, then wash it off. I'm glad you are feeling better.



Rachel said...

Care to share any of those recreational drugs?? (tee hee. Try a tiny bit of that La Mer serum for the rash.) xo Rach

Anonymous said...

Le Mer serum that Rachel suggested will at least take 10 years off even if not helping rash! Dang she looks good with that stuff:) Terri's suggestion worked with the kids when they had poison oak so try it out too. I'm sorry it's such a pain! Eric is interviewing with Genentech next week--maybe he can ask around and see if their is something else to use. Chase is in his first big indoor track meet today. My nerves!!!! I take NCE tomorrow--again nerves!!! Love you! You sound great and I'm glad the opium is helping. HUGS!!! Bridgette

Anonymous said...

Happy you're out and about! Maybe I'll try that tincture of opium, sounds like it's time for me to try some recreational drugs. Love to all, Mickey

Lenore and Scott said...

To borrow a portion of a movie had me at "more good days." I am not only encouraged by the wonderful posting but also the number of people willing to share in the recreational drugs!! A true sign of a good friend :)

Has the VIC cloth helped? Use it cautiously on the face.

As always, we can't wait to read/hear even more good news about NORMALCY!!!

Steve Beagle said...

Ali - rust never sleeps and you are now seeing all your hard work moving in the right direction. BRAVO.. Back stateside again so unfortunately you will have to put up with all the topical cans of corn again.. Hope to see you and the family soon..

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Beth said...

So glad that your new year has started off on the right foot. We are thinking of you! Keep warm-

Forrest said...


Just read Ann's email and your latest entry. I am so glad you feel up to trying to get back into the swing of things! That is such good news. I hope you continue to feel better and better. Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Just caught up on your last 2 blogs and am so glad you are feeling better. The tincture of opium sounds great-just remember the motto-better living through pharmacology. Truly, it is a blessing that you are able to do some everyday normal things and feel better.
Take care, LeeAnn