Saturday, January 31, 2009

Simple Pleasures

The week has ended on a lovely note, a shining sun warming the winter air.

It was a week filled with simple pleasures...a little office time...a little exercise...some shopping...lunch and even dinner with friends within and without the legal community. Of course there was a doctor visit, but that is now part of the routine.

How nice it felt to chat with colleagues and with friends, to sit at my desk and open a few pieces of mail, to search for just the right piece of furniture for the office, and to cruise the galleries and consignments shops in Roswell with my son. Little things, like sitting at my vanity in the bathroom, now seem pleasurable. Before I got sick, I stood in front of the mirror and put on make up, dryed my hair, applied the usual lotions and creams and was quickly on my way to somewhere else. But then I couldn't stand, so I purchased a nice little stool and sat. At first, it was out of necessity. Then it became a simple pleasure. I take my time and enjoy the pretty bathroom and variety of products, many of which are gifts that came with love, that soothe my skin and brighten my persona.

February will include a trip to MD Anderson for a round of tests to determine how well the Tarceva is working and to consult with Dr. Herbst and his team of health care professionals. It is no accident that I am able to combine a visit with family and medical treatment. I am fortunate that such a superior facility is within a 15 minute drive of my brother's home. I have mixed feelings about the trip. Happy to see family and consult with the MDA team, but anxious knowing that the news may not be want I want to hear. No need to get the worry synapses popping now. I hope to have to get accustomed to facing many more exams over many more years.

What will the coming week bring? Snow, maybe. Bruce Springsteen on TV because of some big football game. More lunches to reconnect with business associates, exercising, another doctor's appointment, medical tests. And, hopefully, more simple pleasures.



Anonymous said...

E: I'm so happy to hear all your good news, and your fabulous perspective on life. I've been working hard for the last year on slowing down and "being here, now." Your experience and your wise observations are more helpful in my journey than you will ever know. Keep on keeping on--mb

Ann said...

Your "new normal" is good, very good. You are back to many of your daily routines, and enjoying doing them so much now. And more importantly, you are teaching all of us to slow down and enjoy our lives as well. Wow, you are a powerful woman.
Last night, on SNL, they said that the Steelers and Cardinals are warming up for Bruce Springsteen....I thought of you. Wherever you are watching it, there had better be complete quiet at halftime!!!!!
Continue your positive karma.

Bridgette said...

Hey girl! I am so excited to hear how great your feeling on the Tarceva. I'm even more impressed though by how your living your life for the moment and taking in each expreience no matter how small as a new and brilliant adventure. I'm going to go get a stool and sit to do my make-up...I'm always standing and in a big hurry. I went to see my parents after a year. They were gracious and kind. We had a wonderful visit and I can tell that for the first time they missed me as much as I missed having a relationship with them. It was empowering really and made me feel special. I came home to a sweet husband that gave me yellow tulips at the airport and took me to get my favorite milkshake. So not a bad week I'd say! The sun is shining here too so I'll get my sunglasses and jump on the bus with ya! I love you. Big hugs Bridgette

Aaron Weil said...

Dear Aunt Elyse,
Reading your words has made a cloudy and cold London a lot more pleasant. Your thoughtful and eloquent observations are inspirational, and I hope you continue to take pleasure in life's simple things, which are what really matters anyway.

I won't be in Houston until March, so unfortunately I won't be able to see you in February. I don't know if you've ever seen the film Volver but I watched it recently and one line particularly stuck out in my mind. One of the characters almost goes to Houston for cancer treatment and says, "Me ofrecieron de enviarme a Houston...allí lo curan todo--They offered to send me to Houston...there they cure everything." This may appear to be an insignificant line but, in my opinion, it means much more. Houston is not just a place where one can receive medical treatment, but rather becomes a panacea; doctors treat the body while family offers medicine for the soul. I hope you have a good visit this month.

Burton said...

Here's hoping your upcoming trip to Houston is a good one. Your schedule, stamina, and mood allowing, Jane and I look forward to visiting with you while you are here.

In the spirit of the day, I suggest this in lieu of worry synapses -

Give me a T
Give me an A
Give me a R
Give me a C
Give me an E
Give me a V
Give me an A

What do you get?



Lenore and Scott said...

Does anyone else remember the Van Camps Pork & Bean commercial that had a jingle like this (I think it was sung by Andy Williams):

Simple pleasures are the best,
All the little things that make you smile and glow,
All the things you know,
Life's simple pleasures are the best,
Are the best,
In all the world.

So instead of saying "like Van Camp's Pork & Beans" you say "Tarceva."

So good to read from you!!! I'm not sure when you leave for Houston, but please give our love to the family & friend there (and in Baytown).

Susan said...

You are one of a kind. Thanks for the reminder about what is really important in life and thanks for being YOU!
Hugs, Susan

Wendy said...


With all of my love and amazement at your spirit..And my prayers and best wishes for a good trip to Houston in all ways.


Anonymous said...

I am so moved by your journey, by your insights, by your strength, by your appreciation of all of the beautiful and simple things in life that we all take for granted. In reading your last few passages, your beautiful words have just made time stand still for a moment in all the craziness (good and not always so good) of life... I'm so happy that the sun is shining on you and that you're able to enjoy these simple pleasures. Thank God the Tarceva is making such a difference for you!! I am always thinking of you and now appreciating and savoring those moments, those everyday moments in a way in which I should have before. Thank you for this gift..this gift that you've given to all of us ..for us all just to stop and look at our journey, to feel our journey, to appreciate every moment of our journey...our journey called life. I love you so much and I truly feel in my heart that your journey still has quite a long path ahead of it. XOXOXOXO, Suzanne

Anonymous said...

To Lenore and Scott,

I remember that commercial. I don't think it was sung by Andy Williams though (although it sounds similar). I have a video of the commercial and an mp3 file of the song. If you'd like I can email it to you. Just email me at