Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Little Help Please

On Sunday I head to Houston for a visit to MD Anderson. I will have several scans and other diagnostic tests and will then meet with an oncologist. I believe that the Tarceva is working, but the tests will show how well.

I am covering all my bases so I am asking for your good luck wishes and prayers.


Marlene R said...

Good luck, Elyse. I hope it all goes well . . .
Marlene Reeves

Anonymous said...

Got you covered with prayers and good thoughts.

Joe Rosen

Burton said...

Wishes, prayers, and a big hug upon arrival! We are looking forward to seeing you Sunday evening. XXXOOOBGM

Lenore and Scott said...

Consider yourself smothered, covered, scattered, slathered...
And no, I'm not confusing you with hash browns.
We hope, pray, dream, wish, and BELIEVE the tests will confirm you are AWSOMEberg! Love to the A-bergs in Houston (and Burton). Have a safe trip and soak up the love that surrounds you here, there and everywhere!

Team Dream 2009 said...

Not sure The Big Guy knows who I am, much less listens to me, but I'll give it a shot anyway :-)

And, yes, it's obvious the Tarceva is working. I hear there have been sightings of BC (BeforeCancer) EA.

Strength, courage, hope, love.

Bob Dylan said...

Beyond the horizon, across the divide
'Round about midnight, we'll be on the same side
Down in the Valley the water runs cold
Beyond the horizon someone prayed for your soul

My wretched heart is pounding
I felt an angel's kiss
My memories are drowning
In mortal bliss

Beyond the horizon, at the end of the game
Every step that you take, I'm walking the same

Ann said...

We can cover you however you want....with prayers, wishes, dachsunds love, thoughts, more dachsunds, German shepherds(oops, did that get in there????). You are being sent to Houston with more good wishes than the baggage allowance permits. Go and be strong and know that all of Atlanta and beyond is thinking of you and waiting for your report....
With love,

Anonymous said...

You take a bit of each of us with you on your trip. We are all a part of journey. Feel the love. It's everywhere around you. It's always with you wherever you are.
Love to the family in Houston. Love, Cynthia

Roberto said...

Dear Elyse,
I have been with you every step of this journey and I won't leave you now.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and I know you are going to get great news and I can't wait till you get back to tell us.

Moe said...

I will be thinking about you. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...


Praying, praying, praying.


Anonymous said...

Sending all good wishes and prayers your way! Lisa Haynor

Jill said...

I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted.

Wendy said...


You have my prayers and good wishes and I will say a Misheberach for you tomorrow. Can't wait to see you for lunch soon after you get back.
Love, Wendy

Terri said...


You are in our thoughts and prayers. Good luck and we hope you enjoy your trip and return with good news. Love,

Terri & Barry

Anonymous said...

You have all or our wishes and prayer... and more!
Keep smiling!

Steve Beagle said...

Prayers thoughts and positives vibes have been, will be and are a given for you my dear Ali.. keep fighting, safe travels and the best results possible I am absolutely sure are in the cards.. comedy to follow.. LH&P Steve for the family..

Brad Lakritz said...


We're glad you are feeling better. Sending you our thoughts and prayers for good news in Houston.

Love, Dena and Brad

Forrest said...

Godspeed and hope you get great news!

Susan said...

Sending you love and luck and good vibes and best wishes and anything it takes for a clean bill of health. Thinking of you, always!
Susan & Mark and Sam

elise said...

on this beautiful brisk winter day, I am thinking of you with all my brain-power. sending those thoughts directly to the "big doctor" in the heavens. hope houston goes well.

much love - elise

Charna said...

Elyse, thinking of you and sending my prayers west to Houston. Hope you return with good results. Love, Charna

lorie said...

Wishing you safe travels, great news and a peaceful return to your beloved pups! Vaya con dios, Elyse.

Lorie, Justin, Lex and Dakota

Atlanta Plastic Surgeons said...

You have them all.Our prayers and well wishes for your brave fight.I am sure you will have much better and healthier days.Don';t lose good hope.Let the environment around you be positive and cheerful.