Saturday, October 25, 2008

Neil's Haiku Challenge

A little black nose
Peeking out from the covers
A dachshund is close

The bright sun shines in
It fills the room with color
And with a warm glow

The words are dancing
The pages move to and fro
A good book brings life.

His blue eyes sparkle
It was a good day he says
A sweet teenager

I used to love food
Now I have to eat to live
Curse the mean disease

Anyone up to the Haiku challenge? Anyone? Anyone?
C'mon people. I'm looking for some creativity and a little fun here.
And don't forget the lung cancer awareness event on November 8. Please join my family and friends who have already signed up. There is an actual, working link to the right for information and to sign up.


Bridgette said...

The crowd screams wildly,
The quarterback throws long pass,
Turbiville touchdown!

Sun shines on my face,
Orange and yellow leaves on oaks,
Hiking in Utah!

Big hug! Bridgette

Anonymous said...

Early voting stinks
Can't get in the parking lot
Lines are way too long

Snickers, M & M's
Elyse loves dark chocolate
Happy Halloween

Longhorns on TV
Number 1 team must conquer
Oklahoma State

Bought too much today
My holiday shopping card
Benefits Cancer

John, Brent and Lenore
Lace up your athletic shoes
Will run on the 8th

Ah hah! Now that is the spirit Elyse! Never knew you to turn down any challenge! Thanks for making me smile today! I can't wait to see you SOON! Love you, Liz

Anonymous said...

Brown dog on alert
Demands too much attention
Work dog without work

Crisp fall afternoon
Great day for a scooter ride
Hot weather has left

Longhorns win the game
Exciting college football
BCS in sight

Anonymous said...

wet tounges lick non-stop
dash, dewey, dot, and sammy
bringing tons of love

love, Brent

Anonymous said...

Hi Elyse,

I cannot resist
To tell you about our day
In chunks of three lines

Africa fun run
Annalina's first five K
She ran the whole way

It was Doug's brain child
Benefits African kids
A glowing success

Fred and Joyce were there
We all volunteered to help
Put on a great race

Later in Provo
Visited Grandma Denys
Ninety six years old

Got stuck in traffic
Dumb B.Y.U. football game
On the freeway home

Now content at home
Remembering our fun day
And thinking of you

Love, Josh

Ann said...

Lee helped me haiku
Thank goodness he is so smart
He makes it easy.


Lenore and Scott said...

Oy vey, I will try
Been so long since I haiku
Been thirty-two years

Sunday coffee good.
Only day I read paper,
Cuz it has coupons

Cheat with words like cuz,
But don't want to fail my task
Write haiku for 'Lyse.

Best effort for me.
Hope it does the trick for you.
Fever be gone now!

(I can count to five and seven real good now)

Ann said...

Please do not give me
Any more homework Elyse
I still love you though.

I am sure you see
How short and sweet I can write
I do it for love.
(done by myself!!)

Anonymous said...

one lung is gone from
the body that loved is so
much still left to do

Anonymous said...

I flunked poetry in college. I'm really not kidding...
Hope you are feeling better.

Team Dream 2009 said...

Weekend in haiku
3 lines each, five seven five
You may be sorry . . . .


Raining all day long
Cold, dreary drizzle. Let's stay
home and watch movies.

Insomnia. What
to do now? Work on Team Dream
store to raise more cash


African drums and
Prayers sung to Beatles tunes
I love my cool shul.

Blue and gold fall day
Football game with family
Jackets had no sting

Happy birthday to
You, happy birthday to You
No cake for me, thanks.

Up at 1 a.m.
Long night, then day, then night.
Good to sleep again.


Dark, silent bedroom
I close my eyes and relax
Stupid migraine sucks

Sun on my face, wind
whistling past, engine purring
Wanna ride all day

Ice and cold liquid
Shaken not stirred. Do you want
two olives or three?


Beautiful Monday
Back to work. We're fine but it's
a drag without you

Hope you're feeling good,
Healing, not in too much pain.
Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

the boss rules as king
from asbury park he reigns
rocking the world over

bruce springsteen loves you
wishing you only the best
dancing in the dark


Anonymous said...

A haiku formula,
I can't deduce,
so I write blindly.

I teach today
in far off Minnesota.
Snow here, warm at home

Native American students,
drug awareness training,
We Jews do have varied activities.

Regards and love
to a favorite friend and attorney
From Joe Rosen

Anonymous said...

Sun shines brightly
Ocean sparkles like disco ball
Crossing the bridge

The hawk stares
He watches us carefully
Takes off into trees

The stingray flies
Out of the water quickly
I am openmouthed

Just another day on Amelia Island..

Anonymous said...

I wrote 4 haiku
anonymously I thought
gone to cyberspace


Dottie delicious
Dot adorable
Wilderness dachsund

Long nose longer tail
Longer white brown black body
Cute cuter cutest

At peace with the world
Meditative licker dog
Numero Uno Dash

Blue eyes shining bright
Personality bursting
Through with excitement

Anonymous said...

Obama is good
He will win presidency
Hope for the future

My husband Republican
I still love him anyway
He voted early

The lines are too long
I vote on election day
He will never know

G-d bless our country
G-d bless our sweet Elyse
The future is bright

Wow! That wasn't as hard as I thought. When Liz and Neil told me "Haiku", I thought, elementary school. If I did it then, I can do it now!

Anonymous said...

The bloated frog burps
Full of yummy bugs content
To sit and digest


Terri said...

Montana calls my name,
Its beauty reigns the day,
Time to go is soon.

Halloween is here,
The kids all love the day,
Candy is their treat!

Football means Fall here,
Alabama has good year,
Meeks men have no fear!

Ann said...

Scout the attack dog
Has a big birthday today
She is eleven.

She is bigger than
four dachsunds all together
But she is so nice.

She always loves me
And she always wants to play
She loves Elyse too.

as if you didn't know!)

Anonymous said...

Laura freezing tush
Needs to wear her winter coat
Syracuse is cold

Ben very happy
Longhorns are still number one
Studies very hard

David is the boss
A great music manager
Debby Harry cool

Haiku ran its course
The five, seven, five pattern
Is hard for many

Sending much love from Houston!!!!

Burton said...

No time for Haiku,
Children have gone mobile,
What was I thinking.

Thanksgiving coming,
Much to be thankful about,
But not a milkshake.
[Sorry to disappoint you, Lenore]

Change is coming,
Voted early on Tuesday,
I'm feeling blue.
[As in blue vs red states]


Beth said...

I enjoyed my time with you and John yesterday and even Brent for a few minutes and through all of this, you seemed good even though you are a bit unsure of the upcoming chemo and future. Your haircut looked great and your color looked good and even though you are a bit thin, your outlook on life is uplifting. I am jealous of your great attitude during this trying time in your life. We should all learn something from you. I hope you enjoyed a taste of the lasagna.

patti said...

Billing time is here
Scarce Patti will be for days
Keeping firm afloat

A ten-minute wait
On a Friday two weeks past
My vote cast in hope

That is it for now
Shutting my computer down
Off the clock I am!

Anonymous said...

Steel meets caramel
The Halloween nightmare begins
For Orthodontists.

Carolyn Dinberg said...

leaves are changing now
bold red and yellow and gold
bold patient survives

Anonymous said...

Haiku challenge- I wrote this and then discovered it was similar to Bridgette's so here is a semi-plagarized Haiku from Catherine Wile:
Sitting by the pool
I daydream and meditate
Sunshine warms my face

I'm one of those nerds who loves poetry, so thanks for the challenge, Neil