Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Rousing Success and More

I think we can all agree that Joe Rosen notwithstanding, the Haiku Challenge was a success! I laughed, I cried, I was brought back to those days of yore, struggling to please the teacher by stringing together words that probably made no sense. 5,7,5. It is now etched in my mind forever, which shows how little else is going on there right now.

I am happy to report that I am out of bed. My fever persists, but I could not spend any more time in bed waiting for the fever to go away. So I am walking the driveway, which is as hard as it looks for a one-lunged post-surgical candidate, with fever, and scrounging around for things to keep me occupied and out of bed. There are still the MD appointments and other medical related tasks to keep up with, but I am really missing the action of life these days. Since there is more treatment on the horizon, and possibly some harsh stuff, I do not want to be too ambitious. Besides, the last time I got cocky I ended up back in the hospital. I'm still not up to driving, but don't be surprised if I show up at the office (I think I remember where it is), or call you for a lunch date.

Some of you may have gotten Ann Silver's email about my interview for People to People on WSB TV. It is going to air this Sunday morning at 6:30 am, so get your TIVO's programmed. I am "the new face of lung cancer." It's not a notoriety that I sought, but here I am. It also stars Dr. Scheinberg and Dash, Dot, Dewey and Sammy Davis, Jr. Jr.

There was another media event of note today. In the Living section of today's AJC there is a story about lung cancer that features Dr. Scheinberg and my surgeon, Dr. Moore. I think they are gearing up for the Lung Cancer Awareness event on November 8. Please oh please sign up to participate. The link is a mouse click away.

It looks like the latest round of prayers and good wishes is working. I am up and about, and thankful for every minute. I can't quite see the daylight yet, not until the next round of treatment is set and underway. Like those guys running for Prez, we're not there yet, so please don't let up.



Lenore and Scott said...

I am still right here
Keep doing five seven five
Cannot seem to stop

Glad the haikus worked
Joe Rosen notwithstanding
The challenge was tough

Ambitious you are
But not too much to drain you
T.V. star you are!

Lenore and Scott said...

Trapped in Haiku Hell.
I must re-learn how to write.
Curses to you Neil.

Now we must focus
To get Elyse more meaty
May I suggest thus:

A choc'late cream pie
An eggplant parmegianna
A big fat burger

But lest we forget
the most important of all
A milkshake, milkshake, milkshake.

[don't worry, I scare myself too, but it is that time of year!]

Susan said...

No poet am I
Just wanted to say Hi there
Sending hugs to YOU

(did I do it?)

Terri said...

I'm glad you are up and about. We will be in Montana next week but I think Brad has a computer out there.Still want to take you for a pedicure - hear they fix what ails ye. Foster's Grill has a wonderful Chocolate mikshake! Love, Terri

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Glad to hear your walking down the driveway. That's no easy hill either. I bet the dogs just surround your feet while you do it too. They'll need counseling when you go back to work because they'll feel neglected. HAHA. Spoiled pets. The car wash I go to in Texas had a dog daycare center and it looked really fun. The dogs were having a ball and getting in and out of pools. They were even fooling around, if you know what i was like a singles cruise. HAHA I'm so glad your feeling better. I'll keep praying for the fever issue. Love Bridgette

Ann said...

Hi Elyse. Beautiful weather to try to get some walking in, even if it is in your driveway. That is quite a trek, I must say! And since you have to be on the TV so bright and early, at least we get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday to try and watch it. And thank goodness for TIVO!!! Hope things are going well for you....continue to rest and feel good.
Love you.

Burton said...

Still haven't figured out how to tune WSB in Houston. Any chance that one of Elyse's fans has the skills to record and then post her People to People interview to youtube?

Steve Beagle said...

Haiku flu today
why have I run away
embarrassed by my weakness

I try to sky with words
yet all that seems to come
is a writers block of magnitude

ok frustration with corporations
thinking of you in speedy recovery
a time we would all like to forget

a dream a reality a challenge
why does communication stagnate
an election a halloween a leaf

candy smiles pumpkins cold
glad I did not major in English
Biochemistry more my thang

A for effort F for execution...

Please laugh.. more jokes to follow.. hope to see you soon and keep rope a dopin' Ali.. LH&P Steve

sandplay said...

Start days thoughts of you
Warm wishes prayers don't stop
Sending light and smiles

Anonymous said...

"OK.....I hereby declare the Haiku Challenge to be officially OVER. Great job everyone....y'all did a better job then when you did it the first time in the 6th grade.

For our next challenge all responses must be in "Iambic Pentameter".....very simple format....everyone should get up to speed quickly....JUST tricks..just treats happy halloween


Team Dream 2009 said...

You have an amazing recall of poetry for a guy who studied ROCKS. You scare me . . . .


Anonymous said...

Late Haiku entry

So five and seven works
I did not know it was so
now I can do Haiku OK.

Joe Rosen

Lenore and Scott said...



You must eat candy all night long!

Joe, you were so close!

Steve Beagle said...

Some topical election stuff for you to laugh on fright nite..

Barack Obama’s infomercial last night was called “American Stories.” I guess it sounds better than “Barack Obama — Running Out the Clock.”

I really liked it — especially at the end where Barack rose to the heavens on a cloud.

Amazingly, it was the highest-rated show on NBC last night. NBC is already talking to him about picking it up for 13 more episodes.

Today, John McCain campaigned in the Ohio town of Defiance. Next comes Anger, then finally Acceptance.

Top Ten Things That Went Through Cole Hamels' Mind After Winning The World Series

10. Maybe I'll get to be on "Dancing With The Stars"
9. Can I wear my cup in the off-season?
8. The Rays collapsed faster than my 401(K)
7. How cool a name is Cole Hamels?
6. This must be how the Yankees used to feel
5. Is the Phillie Phanatic hitting on my wife?
4. Seriously, how cool a name is Cole Hamels?
3. How can I celebrate when the nation's economic output is the weakest it's been since the third quarter of 2001?
2. I hope John McCain will start calling me "Cole the pitcher"
1. Now maybe I'll get to appear on Leno

It's cold out today. So cold, Sarah Palin was putting ChapStick on a pit bull.

Last night, on all the major television networks, Barack Obama had a half-hour infomercial TV special. I mean, thank God. It's about time this guy got some media coverage . . .

It’s Halloween. Everyone loves Halloween — even Eliot Spitzer. He was dating a girl named Candy.

John McCain was on “Larry King” last night. It was kind of awkward at one point: Larry had to tell John McCain that 72 percent of his ex-wives were for Obama.

A number of athletes have endorsed candidates in this presidential election. Barack Obama has been endorsed by Patrick Ewing and Charles Barkley, and John McCain has been endorsed by Ty Cobb and Jim Thorpe.

A lot of issues being decided on Election Day. In John McCain’s home state of Arizona, voters are being asked to decide whether there should be a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. McCain is even using this issue in an attack ad that says, “Obama/Biden, they share positions together.”

Joe the plumber is back in the news. He was supposed to appear at a John McCain rally today but didn’t show up. So apparently, this guy really is a plumber.

A judge in Ohio has ruled that homeless people are allowed to vote, and they can list their home address as “a park bench.” Ohio officials say that a park bench may not be the most traditional place to live, but it’s still a lot nicer than Cleveland.

Bill Clinton campaigned with Barack Obama last night. At one point he said, “This man should be our president.” He hasn’t said that since he campaigned with Hillary.

Barack Obama’s show was last night. It wasn’t really a show . . . I forget what they called it . . .“30 Barack” or something.

Or was it “Extreme Makeover: White House Edition”?

Obama’s special was really just an infomercial. I expected them to say, “We can make this a better country — for three easy payments of $19.95.”

At John McCain’s campaign stop in Defiance, Ohio, they thought Joe the plumber was going to be there. They had asked him to come but didn’t follow up. Well, he didn’t. That’s surprising — it’s not like a plumber to keep you waiting.

On Monday, Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens was found guilty on seven counts of making false statements and one count of illegally punching a salmon.

Obama is ahead in nearly every major poll. One gambling site online has him as a 7-1 favorite to win. They’re saying that the only way Obama can lose this election is if they made him bowl for it.

keep your chin up kiddo -- Steve and family..

Steve Beagle said...

Topical Humor Part II

Just six days from today, we’ll know for sure exactly which candidate will be suing the other for voter fraud.

Barack Obama’s 30-minute infomercial appeared on three major networks: Fox, NBC, and CBS. Of course NBC was thrilled — to be considered a major network.

During the ad, NBC was showing “Pushing Daisies.” Which is the name of the McCain ad.

The Democrats’ definition of the rich keeps going down: Barack said no one making under $250,000 a year will see a tax increase. Then he said no one making under $200,000 will see a tax increase. Then Joe Biden said no one making under $150,000 will see a tax increase. I think we’re going to see a tax increase.

Cold here in New York City. So cold, John McCain’s teeth were chattering . . . on the night stand.

I just got my 2009 Sarah Palin calendar. It’s pretty hot stuff. In April, Sarah Palin is in a bikini firing a state trooper.

They’re saying there’s some friction between John McCain and Sarah Palin. Staffers suspected there was something wrong when McCain started referring to Palin as “that one.”

They say that recently, on a campaign bus trip, John McCain actually snubbed Sarah Palin. To be fair, she was busy on the bus trip. She was shooting squirrels out the window.

Yesterday in Washington, the Secret Service arrested a man who climbed over the White House fence. The Secret Service told the man, “Get back here, Mr. President, you have two more months."

Earlier tonight, Barack Obama aired a half-hour infomercial to attract more voters. Apparently, if you watched the entire infomercial, Barack threw in a free set of Ginsu knives or a BeDazzler.

On NBC, Barack Obama’s infomercial pre-empted the new show “Knight Rider.” So Obama is not even president yet, and he’s already making America a better place."

It was reported that Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the conservative co-host of “The View,” has been receiving death threats. This is the first time there’s been a death threat at the “The View” since Barbara Walters accidentally ate Star Jones’ lunch.

Not a great day for Cloris Leachman — she was voted off of “Dancing with the Stars” last night. It seems that America can’t wait until Election Day to vote against a senior citizen.

Today, Barack Obama hit back at the charges that he’s a socialist by joking that since he shared his toys as a child, he must be a communist. To which John McCain responded, “You had toys as child? I had to play with dinosaurs.”

There is more political fallout today. Apparently, because of arguments over their political stances, “The View’s” Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar are no longer speaking. Two down, three to go.

It was infomercial night in America. Three major television networks, CBS, NBC, and Fox, along with MSNBC, Univision, TV1, and BET, joined together to take Barack Obama’s money from him.

In an effort to catch up to Obama, McCain is digging in as hard as he can. Sarah Palin too. On the heels of the success they’ve had with Joe the plumber, they’ve been bringing in other characters. Last week they had “Richard the forest.”

On Monday, Sarah Palin introduced the best one yet: “Tito the builder.”

sandplay said...

Most frightening costume of the evening...young woman....Palin costume..with buttons and flyers..."Palin 2012"..