Saturday, October 4, 2008

This has been a most peaceful week here in the Aussenberg/Denys household. Protected from the political and economic turmoil swirling around us, inside these four walls (and many windows) we are sleeping well, eating healthy and delicious food, and enjoying this stunning weather, even if it means just looking out the window.

Today I am on a mission, however. Armed with coupons and a fabric sample, I am hunting for sheets. We have a new bed and it's time to change the sheets, so I will need a second set of California King sheets. My reconnaissance missions indicate that I will find what I am looking for at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I am confident enough of my chances for success, so I think this mission has just the right degree of difficulty and challenge. I will provide a full report after the mission is complete.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck on your mission! Heck, you are kicking a** on cancer, chances are pretty good that you can find some sheets. :-)

If you cannot find any acceptable linens at BB&B I know a couple of good websites where you could order some.

Enjoy your day and conquering another challenge - progress is progress!!

Big hugs,
Lorie, Lexi, Justin and kisses from Dakota

Scott K said...

What a great day!!!....the sheet mission should be the biggest problem you ever have!!!!!...Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Scott K

Ann said...

You know me and sheets...if you need help, call me and I'll find you some nice ones! Maybe even your own personal one!!! So glad your recovery has been so wonderful and easy so far. How in the world do you make everything look so easy?! Continue this amazing path to good health, and can't wait to hear more good news as always.

Steve Beagle said...

Ali - nice to see you home on the range again. I myself was have not been in the country hence my absentia. Selling my soul to the pharma industry in Frankfurt Germany with nary a laptop. I am glad to be back especially to tell you how much my thoughts drift towards my true admiration for the strength you bring every day to this inexplicable curve.

Welcome home Elyse - hope to see you soon.. plenty of comedy forthcoming but for now just a Sunday hello...and love, hugs and prayers for the speediest of recoveries. Howdy John and Brent.. will catch up soon.

"A man is a success if he gets up in the
morning and gets to bed at night, and in
between he does what he wants to do."

Source: Bob Dylan

"Life is either always a
tight-rope or a feather bed.
Give me the tight-rope."

Source: Edith Wharton

sandplay said...

We are celebrating your weekend with the thoughts of you too pursuing the bliss of domestic pleasures and being back to the thrill of the hunt. Retail therapy...Wahoo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Elyse,
We are so happy to hear that you are up and shopping! We have been at the beach since Thursday and just got internet access. We can't wait to hear about your new sheets and hope the bed is comfy and big enough for the whole family.

You are in our thoughts and prayers daily and we can't wait to give you a big hug.

With love,
Ken and Tracy

Anonymous said...

Dear Elyse,
We are delighted to hear that you are already up and shopping! We have been at the beach since Thursday and just got internet access.

We can't wait to hear about your sheet selection and hope that your bed is comfy and big enough for the whole family.

You are in our thoughts and prayers daily, and we can't wait to give you a big hug.

With love,
Ken and Tracy

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your getting out and about and doing something fun! I love new, soft sheets. Sounds like it must be a unique color if taking a swatch:) I just attached wonderful corn stalks to the wooden posts on my front porch and made the cutest bows out of Halloween ribbon. I LOVE fall! I bet the leaves are so awesome there right now. Wish I was with you walking the doggies, shopping and eating Mellow Mushroom pizza! Big Hug, Bridgette

Anonymous said...

There can be no better sign of health than wanting to shop! Plus - there's nothing better than a new set of sheets. Go for the best, God knows -- you deserve it.
Enjoy. xxoo Rachel

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you fulfilled your dreams of new sheets. Now on to other (always my) shopping challenges...walking shoes!!!!!!!!!
Love you,

Lenore and Scott said...

I heard it was mission accomplished. Congrats!!
Sleep well and sleep happy!

Anonymous said...

I love it. One day in the hospital, the next on the hunt for sheets... Only the best for you!

Anonymous said...

You can get the sheets you want form BB&B. I got a great set there, heck you might even be able to otder on-line in your PJ's from their website. Dpn't know if Linen and things has king sets as well. California kings aren't easy to find in 'hot lanta.

Hope you watched the UF game on TV yesterday,

Be well.
Steve Steinbrecher
aka Eva's brother

Bruce said...

Sheets within a week! Ocoee within 4! Gauley within 6! You will be back on the Middle Fork before you know it. Keep it up and dont look back!

Forrest said...

Wow. Had no idea you'd be out and about already. That is great. Keep up the good work!

Steve Beagle said...

Elyse - hope you are feeling stronger every day.. LH&P Steve

Here you go ALI - some topical fodder after town hall...

The debate took place in Nashville, Tenn., which is perfect — the economy right now is kind of like a bad country song: “I lost my girl; I lost my house . . .”

The debate was held in “town-hall” style — which means instead of ignoring the moderator’s questions, the candidates could ignore the voters directly.

Top Ten Signs You're Watching A Bad Presidential Debate

10. It's a town hall debate, but the town is in a mountainous region of Pakistan
9. Tom Brokaw leaves early to catch 9:15 showing of "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"
8. Topics fall into the categories "Domestic policy," "Foreign policy," and "Burt Reynolds Films of the '70s"
7. Keep arguing about who has more friends on Facebook
6. Candidate says, "Why you hatin'?" Other responds, "Why you buggin'?"
5. It's covered by CBS, NBC, ABC, and the Howard 100 News team
4. Candidates ignore questions and gossip about which Senate pages are sluts
3. The yodeling competition
2. Disproportionate amount of questions about "The Hills"
1. It's 90 minutes of folksy phrases and winking

It was a “town-hall” format, meaning candidates could walk around the stage. It was pretty successful — John McCain only wandered off twice.

McCain was walking around a little confused — he started singing “Sweet Caroline.”

This was the second presidential debate — things are really starting to look bad for Hillary.

People who didn’t want to watch the presidential debate were able to switch over to watch Paris Hilton’s new reality show. In honor of the debate, tonight’s episode of Paris’ show featured Paris having sex in the "town-hall format.”

Some of the questions for the debate were submitted by people on the Internet. When faced with the Internet questions, John McCain said he refuses to engage with wizards or warlocks.

In a recent speech, Sarah Palin referred to Afghanistan as "our neighboring country." Then she promised to find Osama bin Laden in the mountains of Toronto.

The Dow is going down faster than O.J. Simpson in prison.

The debate was last night — McCain prepared by putting new tennis balls on his walker.

According to a new survey, only 25 percent of Americans think that Sarah Palin is qualified to be president. Which sounds bad . . . but only 10 percent think Bush is qualified.

During the debate the other night, the moderator asked Palin to describe her Achilles' heel. But instead of talking about her greatest weakness, she started talking about her greatest strength . . . . which apparently is not answering questions.

The Labor Department has announced that 159,000 people lost their jobs last month. Worst job loss in five years. Here’s the ironic part — all 435 members of Congress still have their jobs.

The stock market’s so bad now that at closing time, instead of a bell, they play taps.

Top Ten Ways to Make the Financial Crisis More Fun

10. Take a page from President Bush and ignore it
9. When Dow Jones drops more than 800 points, every American gets free mozzarella stix at Applebee's
8. Replace Lehman Brothers with the Wayans Brothers
7. File for bankruptcy three times and the fourth one is free!
6. Invest half your portfolio in liquor, the other half in strippers
5. Goodbye repo men, hello repo monkeys
4. Don't call it a "bailout" or a "rescue," call it a "fun-nancial crisis"
3. Put it all on Ball State and give the 16 points
2. Enjoy blank stare when Katie Couric asks Sarah Palin what "FDIC" stands for
1. Hire O.J. and his goons to steal back your money

The stock market fell 800 points — thank you, bailout plan.

The economy is going to hell, but at least we’re getting leadership from the White House.

This just in: A backwoods hiker has just found the wreckage of John McCain’s campaign.

John McCain’s campaign has closed their offices in Michigan, and they say they won’t try to compete for votes there. Apparently, this is part of McCain’s strategy to try to win votes only in the original 13 colonies.

This weekend, the jury in the O.J. Simpson armed robbery case found him guilty on all counts. So be careful parents — if your child experiments with double murder it could lead down the treacherous path to sports memorabilia theft.

In a new interview, Angelina Jolie said that she wants to have more children. Then someone explained to Jolie that thanks to her there are no more left.

eBay announced that they are firing 1,600 people. On the bright side, the fired eBay employees will be allowed to bid on the contents of their desks.

At this point, it’s a race to see what drops faster: the stock market or John McCain’s poll numbers.

So Sarah Palin is saying the gloves are off. Gloves off . . . usually a big mistake. Just ask O.J. Simpson.

Stop the whiny name-calling. Americans want a president who’ll stand up and be a man. That’s why so many people were voting for Hillary Clinton.

Lenore and Scott said...

May you be inscribed in the Book of Life and have a year of health, happiness and peace.