Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Poem

Jeans are blue
Khakis are tan
I bet you wanna know
The results of my scan

Some nasty juice
I had to drink
With nothing to eat
I was at the brink

Then it didn't go well
There was pain in my arm
The kind, sweet tech
Almost sounded an alarm

Then wait and wait
And wait I did
Into a teeny weeny
Funk I slid

Then Dr. D
Called on the phone
All is well
No reason to groan

My arm is fine
My lung is too
Hip hip hooray
A wish come true

During this week last year
I was taking some tests
PETs and CTs
I could hardly rest

One year ago
The shoe did drop
But I have beat the odds
And I will not stop



Anonymous said...

Hip hip hooray!
Your lung is clear
We are so thrilled
Elyse my dear

One year ago
Your diagnosis came
And look at you now
Still very much in the game!

From friends to family
Drs. Roy, Dan and Paul
Your support has been tremendous
Many thanks to you all

A time to reflect
Take a deep breath and sigh
It's been a crazy year
To it, we say goodbye

Next scan in Houston
Time to book your flight
Look out MDA
Elyse is here to fight!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you, Neil and Liz

Burton said...

Awesome news, Elyse. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Richard and Emma say "Boom!". XXXOOOBGM

Anonymous said...

Great fantastic news.Thank G-d!!!!Keep up the great work. Michelle S

sandplay said...

The best posible news to start a holiday on. Mazol tov.
Have a great weekend.

Regina V said...

This is fantastic news Elyse!! So very glad to hear it :)

Keep on taking care,
Regina Vidaver

elise said...

Roses are red, violets are blue
The only one happier than me is you!

Great news, Elyse. I was holding my breath and now I can exhale...and so can you.

much love, Elise

Susan said...

Oh so happy as can be
that your news was NED!

Enjoy your trip and be well
When you return, we'll party like hell!

Hugs, Susan

Betty, Ralph and Beck said...

Amazingly happy news, Elyse! Thanks for sharing it, and extra points for doing so in such a clever way. With school winding down, hope to see you and the boys soon.

Wendy said...


What wonderful news! And..how much fun it was to paddle with you on the Hooch! Have a great Memorial Day, wherever your travels take you..And let's go paddling again soon! Love, Wendy

Anonymous said...

Yahoo! the grass is green
My heart is red
Its awesome really
the results are NED

Some corn is yellow
Some corn is white
I never doubted
You'd put up a fight

The sun is hot
The rain is wet
I pray you have
the best years yet.

Anonymous said...

Yea for you!!
Awesome news!!!
Not even trying to be a poet, but VERY happy for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

This makes me so happy,
I could get really sappy.

Congratulations -you are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Great rhyme Elise
So very happy to hear the awesome news.
Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend and HIP HIP HOORAY

Anonymous said...

Love the poetry slam that is going on and especially love the news that your lungs are healthy.
Hope y'all have an awesome weekend and HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the good news.

poetry, no less! I hope you are in AI and having a ball. Wish I were there. mbh

Eric said...


Anonymous said...

congrats keep on trucking


Forrest said...

What great results and cute little poem. You might be the next Dr. Seuss! Great to see you at the BBQ. Enjoy your holiday.

Anonymous said...

The best news...and delivered with such style.
All our love, Cynthia and Cliff

Anonymous said...

Great news to share
To so many who care
We knew your strength was mighty!

Now forward you go
might not even know
What flights will take your fancy!

But bring us along
Please lead us in song
For tomorrow will certainly be dandy!
xxoo Kathy & Jim

Rachel said...

We are thrilled beyond description (and rhyme!). Whatever you are doing, keep on.
Rachel and Eric

Ann said...

Back in town now, and so glad to get updated on a fantastic blog!!!! Too tired to try to rhyme, that will come later. Just wanted to share my joy at the news and tell you how happy I am for you. I knew you were a tough one!
Whatever you are doing, keep it up!
Hooray for you!

Lenore and Scott said...

It's NEDtastic, NEDeriffic, NEDabulous, NEDerful, NEDtraordinary, NEDstanding, NEDomenal, NEDellent, NEDraculous, NEDphoric. NED I say more???

Steve Beagle said...