Monday, April 27, 2009

The Boss and Me

Dear Bruce,

You and I go back a ways. Maybe not as far back as some of your fans, but August 1975 to be precise. We first met in Atlanta at Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom across the street from the Fox Theater. It was my friend Lance's idea. He was headed back to school in Chapel Hill and we wanted to spend some time together before he left. Lance had a Cutlass 442 and an astute taste in music so off we went. It was a Wednesday night which was Ladies Night which meant I got in for free. Things only got better from there. The Electric Ballroom was set up like a club instead of a theater with small tables in front of a stage. From the moment that you hit that stage, I was gripped, captivated, spellbound. Never had someone performed for me with such energy and exuberance. You danced on our table. And when you caught the "Spirit in the Night" in your knit cap our fate was sealed. Over the years, we continued to see each other in Tampa, Atlanta, Memphis, and Chicago. It was in Tampa that you and I became really close. Front row center in November 1975. You danced on the back of my chair as I propped you up. (Not sure I was helping all that much but I'm keeping that as a memory anyway.) After that, I knew we would be together forever.

Seeing you at Philips Arena last night reminded me of how important our relationship is to me. When I saw you in Atlanta last year it was on the eve of a life-changing experience for me. One year later, I am celebrating a renewal of sorts. While my journey continues, you are like bookends to a year unlike any other. I realize that you are a devoted family man, but that does not affect our connection. It is as strong as ever. Which is why I am writing this letter. I also know that you are engaged in many equally important endeavors beyond music and family. But I am asking for you to do one more thing. The Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation is seeking popular celebrities to perform 30-second public service announcements on television to raise awareness of the unpleasant realities associated with lung cancer. The statistics are grim. You can get all the information from many websites, including Lung cancer, which is increasingly affecting nonsmokers like myself, kills more Americans each year than any other kind of cancer; more than breast, prostate, and ovarian cancer combined.

When you are ready to step up to this plate you can contact the Addarios at the website above. They are waiting to hear from you.

All the best from One True Fan,


Devoted Blog Readers - If anyone knows anyone who knows anyone who can get this letter to Bruce I will be forever grateful and in your debt.


Lenore and Scott said...

This was a tough task. Apparently there is no known address or email for fan mail. The closest I could find was to contact his label:
Shore Fire Media 32 Court Street, Suite 1600
Brooklyn, NY 11201 Telephone: 718.522.7171
Fax: 718.522.7242

Somehow, someway, Karma and the cosmos will work together to find these beautiful words into his hands.

Anonymous said...

Did you try our man in New York? Liz

Betsy said...

Great step up. Hope he gets the chance to respond.

Steve Beagle said...

My dearest Ali;
I have no excuses for my disappearance. I somehow got lost in the what is known as the world of corporate America and striving to bolster a strong start out of the gates in my new role. I have been traveling over 70% of my time and right now I am writing to you from Macau China. Last week I was in Cork Ireland and next week I will be back in Lisboa, Portugal. So life for me is one of missing my beautiful family and pharmaceutical factories and hotel rooms where I attempt to sleep in a restless fashion due to jet lag. Enough about me. I have thought about you often. However you started blogging less and I was not sure how much you were interested in hearing from me and my corny pliagiarized topical joke world. Even I, the ever dreaming stand-up in a next life have stopped my sophmoric ways due to this job. Well guess what. It's same tv just a different channel and a different set of actors. I hope you are well, thriving and enjoying the spring/summer. I am back and will do my best to be more diligent.. Being born and raised off exit 10 and now living with relatives when I am not in Atlanta about 5 miles from Springsteen's home I was awed by your last journal. He has touched me too in so many ways. Wish I could have been there along with John at his concert. Please laugh and I hope to see you soon. Sorry I can not paddle this weekend, I will be hurdling back from Hong Kong in a big piece of metal.

where in the world is Carmen Sandebeagle.._____________________

PS - based on who I know and where I live I may be able to get your blog in the right hands.. let's see. Best - Steve

It’s swine flu now. It’s so big, it’s knocked the torture stuff right off the front page. It’s obvious who’s spreading the swine flu . . . Dick Cheney.

They’re calling it swine flu because it’s either originated from pigs or AIG executives.

A plane flew into restricted airspace on Friday. As a precaution, Obama was taken to a secure location . . . a place no one knew existed — Joe Biden’s office.

The economy is bad. It’s so bad, third graders in China are being forced to take second jobs.

Top Ten Thoughts That Went Through Matthew Stafford's Mind On Draft Day

10. You don't often hear, "Congratulations, you're going to Detroit"
9. Why am I the only one who came to Radio City Music Hall dressed as a Rockette?
8. If the Lions win one game this year, I'm a hero
7. Anybody dumps Gatorade on me and I'll deck 'em
6. Holy crap, I think I just pulled a hamstring
5. I didn't think anything could top the excitement of Heidi and Spencer getting married
4. Is it me or does NFL Commissioner Goodell look like a young Larry Hagman?
3. Why am I here when I could be at that movie where Beyonce and that babe fight?
2. Why does Jessica Simpson keep calling me?
1. I'd gladly go No. 2 if it means not having to appear on Letterman

What a day . . . 86 and sultry — like Barbara Walters.

GM is phasing out Pontiac. I guess that means another $20 million bonus for the head of GM.

Obama’s approaching his first 100 days in office. He’s had to deal with a financial crisis; pirates; swine flu; all that plus he’s got a live-in mother-in-law.

Meanwhile, John McCain was putting his Glenn Miller records in storage.

Kim Kardashian shocked her fans today with a blonde wig. Then she admitted that her butt is actually an old Buick.

In a new interview, Iranian President Ahmadinejad complained Obama’s not returning his messages. Hello — maybe he’s just not that into you.

Swine flu anyone? I’m terrified. Texas Gov. Rick Perry has asked the government for federal aid to fight the swine flu. Isn’t this the guy who just last week was threatening to secede from the United States? Well . . . OK, but only because we like your hat.
The movie “Knowing” won the weekend box office with $24.8 million. Or as it’s called at AIG, a junior executive bonus.

This is all over the news: Michelle Obama is planting a vegetable garden on the White House lawn. You know the economy’s bad when the Obamas are afraid of running out of food.

The Catholic Church is planning on boycotting the upcoming “Da Vinci Code” sequel “Angels & Demons.” They plan to air their own movie that they say more accurately depicts Jesus — “He’s Just Not That Into Jews.”

Crime is down in New York City. Tomorrow criminals head down to Washington to request a bailout.

Today is the 81st birthday of Madam Tussauds wax museum. Biggest collection of wax figures since “The View.”

In economic news, ExxonMobil’s profit last year was $45 billion. In second place was the company that makes those foreclosure signs.

The White House was on lockdown because a small plane flew into restricted airspace. Say what you want, but Dick Cheney would have shot that thing down.

Obama was on the news today speaking about college spending . He’s proposing a new budget — $15 billion for college loans, $20 billion for Ramen Noodles.

According to a new poll, 2 out of 3 New Yorkers would like to have Eliot Spitzer again as their governor. Well sure — 2 out of 3 New Yorkers are hookers.

The guy got stuff done. He had a reputation for being on top of everything.

Bernie Madoff’s wife, Ruth, is saying she has her own money. She says she has $62 million in savings. She says it’s not swindle money; it’s not fraud money; it’s money she made from yard sales.

It’s money she says she saved by switching to GEICO.

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” is returning to prime time. Due to the recession, it’s been renamed “Who Wants Five Bucks and a Taco.”

Michael Jackson’s limo has been in an accident. There was no damage to the limo; however, Michael Jackson’s face suffered $1 million in improvements.

William Shakespeare’s birthday today. He’s 445 years old. Almost as old as Larry King.

I was watching Larry King interviewing Levi Johnston, the father of Bristol Palin’s baby. He asked, “Exactly where did sex occur in the Palin’s house?” And then, it was incredible . . . my TV threw up.

I heard that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt of "The Hills" will be getting married this weekend. And if you'd like to send a gift, they're registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond Shameless.

Police in North Carolina are looking for a pregnant woman who attempted to rob a bank at gunpoint. FBI sketch artists have just released a sonogram. Be careful everyone she is armed and lactating.

Susan said...

If anyone can get to him, I know that you can. The Boss has met his match. I'll start asking for connections to him too. Hugs, Susan

Rachel said...

How to find Bruce: Send a copy of this amazing letter to: Rolling Stone magazine; Recording Industry of America; Bruce's record label is a good one (in Lenore's posting); even the Atlanta major newspaper ??? There have to be a ton more places with ties to Bruce. Will keep thinking... xxoo

Burton said...

I have forwarded to author, journalist, professor, and longtime Boss devotee, Eric Alterman.

I will be in Miami this weekend for a B'Nai Mitzvah, but will be thinking of you while you paddle lung cancer on Saturday.


Charna said...

Howard's brother works for Sony Music up in NY, and we'll see him this weekend for the bat mitzvah we're going to. I have no idea if Sony has any connection to the record label he's on now. Maybe something good will come out of my missing the paddling on the Hooch. Have a great time! Really wish I could be in two places at once, Charna.