Thursday, April 2, 2009

Next week is Spring Break for our family. We are heading to a somewhat remote place for peace and quiet and to let nature rejuvenate us as only nature can.

When I return I will check the sign up list for the Kill Lung Cancer Dead and Step On It paddle event and start naming names like Kleinman, Kaye, Scott, Richardson, Hebert and so on. Did I say Kramer and Perlman? And Silver?

No one is safe.

Have a great week, a Happy Passover and I will be in touch soon.

With more names.



Terri said...

Have a great time! I hope the weather will be nice. Enough with the rain. Love, Terri

Charna said...

Elyse, I'll be out of town that weekend for a bat mitzvah, but I promise I'll make it up in other ways. I know there's a small Mosaic contingent signed up already. Enjoy your getaway. Love, Charna

sandplay said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!
Let nature nurture while you love your family and enjoy the wind and water. Smile and love,

Lenore and Scott said...

The Kayes will now be paddling instead of getting a paddling!!!! Glad to read you are getting a way and enjoying family and change of scenery. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Ann said...

The Silver's are safe...can you believe I did it. Hope I did it right! Of course, Ruth and I are still stressing big time over this. We may begin canoe lessons this week just to be sure we can do it right. We are perfectionists you know....
And who says we won't end up upstream???? Don't put anything past the two of us.