Friday, April 17, 2009

Good News for Slackers

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the Paddle Lung Cancer Dead and Kill It event. Participation has exceeded expectations, and it is sure to be a fun adventure, especially for you, Ruth. No sneaking out of this one. You are getting in that boat and heading downstream. If you end up upstream, well, some things just can't be helped.

The deadline for registering has been extended to April 24. So all you procrastinators with names like Bernstein, Bordett, Cynman, Gaslowitz, Martin, Perlman, Somerstein, Steine and West still have time to sign up. Did I forget anyone? If I did and I remember who you are, I will do another blog post just for you.


PS Steve B we miss you.


Lenore and Scott said...

Thanks for the extension - I want to get Tillie on the river. She has ALWAYS wanted to go down the Chatahoochee :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!Well You look great and it's so fun to see you in your element. It's like you have been reborn! I love ot see you smiling and having fun--makes me so happy inside. I just love you!!!! I saw Brent in that prop jet--did he get to fly in it?

Anonymous said...

Hust woke up thinking of again--your definately on my mind! HUGS Bridgette

Rachel said...

We will be with you all in spirit, slackers included.
Rachel & Eric

Anonymous said...

hi elyse,
my name is karen and I was also diagnosed with BAC in 2007. I had a lobectomy, but i did not need chemo and radiation. Now it appears it may be back. I would really like to speak to you.

(415) 892-1441 (415) 312-8221

Elaine T-K said...

Obliged to be slackers, we will be spending the weekend with family at my nephew's Bar Mitzvah and my niece's Confirmation...but believe me ...Saturday morning my spirit will be paddling away!
Much love, Elaine T-K

Elise said...

wow - you look great! My rep, Bob Marcovitch, will be on the river on May 2nd, paddling away!

much love - E.