Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fatal Attraction?

Two times last week I was confronted with the word "fatal." The first time it was aimed directly at my apparently imminent demise. The other encounter referred to someone else's "fatal" lung cancer diagnosis, despite her thriving lifestyle.


I am very interested in viewing the tools used to deliver this summation. Was it a crystal ball? Tarot cards? Was a seer consulted?

The grim reaper may be camped out in my back yard, but he (he is definitely a he) will not be invited in. I spend a lot of time in cars. Can I assume that I am now safe, protected from an accident that would otherwise result in my death? If my cancer is fatal, then I can totally relax during take off and landing. No more worries about a funny looking mole or crossing a busy street. Whew. That's a load off my shoulders.

And does "fatal" come with a date? That would sure help for planning purposes.

Not a single one of my doctors has ever told me that my situation is terminal, let alone referred to my diagnosis as fatal.

My deepest appreciation goes out to every single person who sees me as a living, breathing being, even if it is only with one lung. (Remember, I am doing fine with just one.) Unless you care to share with me the date, time and precise cause of my demise, I will continue to choose life. Every day.


Anonymous said...

dear Elyse,
Just want everyone to know about your letter printed in the Jewish Times this week. It was really thoughtful and with very helpful information. Hope you are having a very fun, fab spring break. You do superbly well living and breathing with one lung.

Anonymous said...

It's funny....having cancer doesn't tell you when you are going to die. We are all in the same boat but some have a different view. Beware of 285.
Keep living!!!

Lenore and Scott said...

hey, we're ALL going to die, right??? Life is fatal! Those MARTA buses can be deadly!

South Carolinians Against Lung Cancer said...

What a beautiful statement! You are a warrior, an inspiration, and I am so glad that I found your blog. God bless you!
Dum, Spiro, Spero...While I Breathe, I Hope.
Angie Bankhead Derrick
from South Carolina

Forrest said...

Never thought about seeing you as otherwise. You will always be fiesty! Hope you are enjoying communing with nature. Hope to see you soon.

Susan said...

Whenever “the time” comes, our lives will be valued not by its length but by its depth. And, you girl are oceans deep!
Hugs, Susan

Ann said...

L'chaim, L'chaim, to life!
You love life and live life more than any one person I know!

Wendy said...

Dear Elyse,
Can't wait to paddle with you in May! And what a life you are living and an inspiration to all of us! Love, Wendy

Anonymous said...

Hopefully I will not be on your hit list. Signed up for the paddle today. Doing it with Karl oroz, another of the Alaska fishing group, in his canoe. See you there.

Fatal? Try getting hit by a taxi cab 7000 miles from home. Each day is a gift and the key is to just enjoy each of them.

Love You.

Joe Rosen

sandplay said...

Powerful words from a powerful source...your words are words of great guidance...can I "Borrow" them for use at the office? ...You don't need to answer that, 'cause I'll use them anyway..always giving credit to my dear friend and teacher. Smiles and love,

Bridgette said...

Fatal is dealing with Utah drivers!! I almost got hit twice just yesterday! HA! I love your poster girl w/ doggies picture two blogs ago! How cute. You look healthier than half the people I know and definately the most witty writer. Both Erics going to Cabo for ET senior trip and Chase used a voucher to go to Texas for a few days so NO BOYS!! YA! HA BIG HUGS!! Love Bridgette

Anonymous said...

Fatal, indeed. Anyone could get hit by a bus tomorrow, or today for that matter.

You have an amazing outlook and attitude. And as for people saying outlandish things - I totally get that one...and used to hear some of the dumbest things ever!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful spring break.

Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Kicking ass and taking go, girl.
Happy Passover
Love, Cynthia

Anonymous said...

Isn't life fatal???

Anonymous said...


This is a beautiful statement. I pray that you will continue to speak truth in love. You have received the gift of vision and hope and you use these gifts of the benefit of all. We are grateful and encouraged in our own lives through your guidance.

I am also so grateful for John and Brent in your life. They inspire and delight me too.

In Peace, your new friend, Jill

Deb said...

Me, too!


Doreen said...


I too was diagnosed with BAC nearly 3 years ago. I've chosen to LIVE everyday rather than wait for that one fatal day we hear about. I hope to meet you one day at Bonnie's Lung Cancer Gala in November. Keep Living Strong!

Dreaming Big,
Doreen Schmitt

Anonymous said...

Keep the humor coming!!

Glad to hear you are in good spirits :)

Regina Vidaver