Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good News and Other Stuff

The Other Stuff first.

This is like the last day of the semi-annual public radio fund raising week. No time left to make your pledge. This is it. This is the end of line. There is NO MORE TIME to register for the Paddle Lung Cancer Dead event. You have to sign up today. Or else. The boats (not votes!) have to be counted. There will not be another opportunity to get one. This is the drop deadline. It's now or never. Really.

Oh, the good news. Today's lung xray was clear. NED. No evidence of disease.

See you on the river!


Betty, Ralph and Beck said...

Oh, yeah... by the way... YAY!!!! Great news, Elyse!!!! We're so, so thrilled to hear about you and your good friend, NED. Couldn't happen to a more deserving person. :-)

I have registered for the paddling, but Ralph and Beck are in a baseball tournament that weekend and I may be in a tennis playoff match on May 2 depending on how things go the next two weeks. So... we may end up only being with you on the river in spirit. We shall see... No matter what, I hope we see you soon to catch up and hear all about your Spring Break getaway. Your pictures look very intriguing!

Love to you, John and Brent,

B, Ralph and B

sandplay said...

NED...I like that !!! Ready to paddle..I can see the gefilte fish jumping in the river now...
Smiles and love,

Wendy said...

Oh, and what great news, Elyse. Glad you had such a fabulous spring break & I'm ready to paddle!Love, Wendy

Susan said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely terrific news. And most deserving to someone as full of life as you!
Those pictures don't make it look easy...did you lie to me? Ruth, are you there?

kathyb.scheer said...

EXCELLENT NEWS! I will see you on the river...hopefully not in the river. Much love and mazel!K

Burton said...


Sorry not to be with you on the river, but will be at an event in Miami. (Will trade my solidarity milk shake for a tall water in honor of the day.)


Rachel said...

"L.C." -- There is evidence that positive attitude and living life to the fullest can make the difference. You are proving it day by day.
Sending you tons of love and wishing all the paddling people a joyous adventure. Sorry not there to join.
xxoo Rachel & Eric

Anonymous said...

Good, good news. It was great to see you out and about last Saturday at my place. Lookign forward to the day on the river.

Take Care.


Joe Rosen

Patti said...

You continue to amaze!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! We hope NED is now a permanent member of your family. Love, The Wiles

Forrest said...

Hi Elyse,

Just checking in and saw your great news about no disease in your lung. That is fantastic! You are such a trooper. I hope you got the email I sent to your work address. Hope to see you at the BBQ.