Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good News

You would have thought that I won the lottery today. Everyone in Dr. Wiggers' office was all smiles, hugging me, congratulating me. The results of a CT scan performed in Wiggers' office yesterday are unequivocal. The tumor has been busted. Instead of a huge mass, it is dramatically reduced, surrounded by bits and pieces of what it once was. A shadow of its former self, literally. Dr. Wiggers could hardly contain her excitement, and brought me in to the lab to look at the comparison between the pre-treatment and yesterday's scans. I got a hug from Dubovsky, and Dr. Scheinberg weighed in with his congrats. Couldn't have come at a better time. That, plus the comments about statistics. Each comment helped, but I have to hand it to Steve B. for boosting my confidence on this one.

Chemo was a little uneven today. It was postponed until later in the afternoon to check out an unpleasant feeling in my chest. It temporarily drizzled on my parade, but I checked out fine, and I was able to take my poisons. Loooong day. Thanks, Michelle. You were a real trooper.

If the steroid high continues, I may feel like a walk tomorrow. Anyone up for the Greenway?


Anonymous said...

I am so pumped!! Patti came by and squeezed me and told me the good news. I am so thrilled as yesterday I was distressed about your "blue" day. I can't do the Greenway tomorrow but any other time I am game...Hey, my parents are flying in from Texas this weekend for about 10 days!! I am going to make my "mommie" take care of me...


Lenore & Scott said...

Neil clued me in on the great news via IM and I was thrilled, though not surprised, since we (your blogger peeps) unanimously decided you would use all your powers to exorcise the demon..F the stats. I'd love to walk but unfortunately my talents are needed at the salt mines. I'll be there in spirit.

Scott K said...


I think of you constantly, I am so in awe of your courage!...and so very happy for some good news!...Congrats "blood-sister"!

Scott K

Steve Beagle said...


Better than the thrilla in Manila...

Awesome Ali !! Keep floatin'

love and prayers - Steve

Forrest said...


I am so glad to see you got this great news after being so down the day before. What great timing and just goes to show all those "keep plugging" sayings have some truth behind them. If anyone can be in the survivor column it is you. Keeping you in my prayers.

Michelle S. said...

Thank G-d, we will continue to pray for a complete recovery. Don't get down by statistics. Even if only one person recovers, there is no reason why you can't be that person. Hang in there. Michelle S.

Rachel said...

YAY !!!! I have tears in my eyes - of joy.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Elyse! We are so happy to hear the good news.
Love to you,John and Brent,
Ronnie and Larry

Carolyn Dinberg said...

"A renewal of body
A renewal of spirit
And let us say, Amen"

Mi Shebeirach

Team Dream 2009 said...

I second Carolyn's comment and will be saying a mischeberach every day for you, Elyse, both in gratitude for your healing that's already taking place and in confidence that it will continue until you're cancer-free.

GApeach said...

Good to hear you are better. Spoke to Eva who sent me your blog. I will be praying for you. Thing are tenuous but Barry will pull me through on Thursday in Gwinnett.

Eva's brother Steven.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elyse:
We returned from SC tonight and it was great to read good news about your treatment.
I will call to make some plans tomorrow but I couldn't wait to respond.
Love, Ellen

Jill B said...

This is great news!!! People DO beat the odds and my bet is you are one of them.

You are in my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I've not read your blog for a few days and was very happy to hear the GREAT news! I also wanted you to know that in my past life I was a biostatistician and my own recurrence stats for my cancer are sobering. Statistics are odds that we bet on everyday (ever get in a car). When survival rates are published keep in mind that if someone died from non cancer causing things they still look as a failure in the study...that was one of my mantras durring chemo. Keep being strong and focus on your most recent positive results!
Hug your family-
Barbara H.

Steve Beagle said...

The best pick-up move I have ever witnessed.. an actual story starring BD...

So I gotta tell you about your son and what a suave dude he is. John, myself, Ben, Zack and our guide on the Nantahala River namely Brent are out for a 7 mile white water kayaking cruise in icy 50 degree waters but 80 degree ambient air temps ... a perfect day on the river.. when who floats by.. a raft with 8 or so girly girls ranging in age my guess from 14-17. Well they are watching our guide Brent is his liguidlogic Kayak tool up, down sideways all around us etc. They are in basic awe as was I the whole trip. SO Brent our guide nonchantly strikes up a conversation with one pretty Blonde dudette hanging on the outside obviously looking for a phone number. I am watching this intently from near proximity. All of sudden he waves goodbye and proceeds to do the coolest pick-up move I have witnessed in my life. He does a 360 degree roll, disappears under water and comes up almost dry as the pensacola pavement... all in about a nanosecond... absolutely amazing. Well the girls start hootin' and hollerin' and our guide just zips off into the sunset.. moral of the story.. Brent we are not worthy.. The apple does not fall far away either with the tenacity I exhibited by Brent on the river.. I thought you would like to know.. Hope the weekend has been good - thanks again to JD for the best day of the summer for me on the river... Keep rope a doping Ali - a few rounds to go.. Love and prayers - Steve

Marcy said...

The combination of the great news on Thursday and seeing you at the party last night has prompted me to write my first comment on this blog. You looked FABULOUS last night and I know everyone in the room (garage) was happy to see you! It is so inspiring to see you the way that you are dealing with this challenge -- I only hope every day is as good as the last few have been. We'll all be watching for the next batch of good news -- and meanwhile we will be praying and thinking only positive thoughts!

Patti said...

LMAO!! Love the story about Brent. I pictured every moment of it since I've seen him in action.

I think we can find space for more artwork in the office -- before and after scans. :-)


Damon Denys said...

Hi aunt Elyse! It's your nephew, Damon. My mom told me about your blog, so I wanted to jump on and send you all my love, worry, concern, surprise, and the whole mixed bag that comes with this sort of situation. It's good to hear this good news about your therapy. I hope you and everyone close to you is doing okay, all things considered. I know from personal experience that it isn't easy for anyone who is directly involved with or effected by cancer or the therapy process.

Love and very best of wishes from Texas,


debbi chartash said...

i am smiling for you every day. keep up the good news. We will get you on that greenway, one day. love, debbi