Thursday, July 17, 2008

Learning More

I met with Dr. Dubovsky before my chemo treatment today. Based on our discussion, I don't think that I fully understood my treatment protocol. Turns out that my 7 weeks of chemo is not the full course. My understanding now is that the 2 courses of chemo that I will likely receive after the 7 weeks is to complete what would have been 4 rounds total of chemotherapy, which seems to be a very common treatment protocol. My weekly doses are apparently fairly weak compared to the punch that comes with chemo received every 21 days. It's the effect of nagging at that tumor every single week that Dubovsky was looking for. He reports that my vitals and numbers (blood counts) are good, and the lungs are functioning to his satisfaction. I'm glad for the enlightenment, the other good news, and I committed as ever to beating this thing.

Tonight, fabulous steroid high notwithstanding, I am looking forward to the weekend retreat with the Atlanta Collaborative Divorce Alliance, and the return of my son on Sunday. Next week also brings my nephew, Ben, to town. I have nothing but good things to look forward to. I am also buoyed by the wonderful comments on the blog. Silver linings can be so sweet, and I do not regret for a moment that I have reached out for this one.

Virtual hugs to all.


Team Dream 2009 said...


Glad to hear that Dr. D. is pleased with how things are going. I know it's difficult to keep going back for treatment every week without having any idea whether your body is responding as as you hope. Now you know that it is, and at least for today you can breathe a little easier (pun intended) and continue with the business of living.

And speaking of living, even life's obstacles have their inherent blessings. I know, as you do, how easy it is to get wrapped up in the daily details and hassles of our profession, and to forget about the sweetness of life: the people that love us, the little unexpected moments of joy that each day brings, and those flashes of insight into the universe and our place in it.

Despite the cancer, and because of it, in the last 8 weeks I have seen you change from someone focused on the daily hassles to someone focused on the sweetness. And I have seen many of the people around you shift as well.

Is this a permanent shift? I sure hope so, for all of us. Because "in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." (The Beatles, for anyone too young to know.) That line doesn't say anything about litigation or yelling at other lawyers or courtroom antics. Just love, just today.

Wishing you strength, courage, and love my friend, today and every day.

Anonymous said...


Let's see some spirit for the Team Dream 2009 Amy SpandeX Sureme trip. To reiterate and expand my comments from my prior blog comment; I am 6'2'' and weigh 220. I am large and clumsy. I DO NOT BIKE. The last time I was on a bike I was in West Palm Beach. It was 10 AM in the morning and I ran into a light pole and broke a toe and cracked a rib. I do not own a bike and I can't picture myself in spandex.So why am I signing up to bike from Flagstaff, AZ to Santa Fe, NM, other than a lifelong attraction to Route 66? In addition to Elyse I have a number of other friends with cancer, heart disease, and general problems arising from being past our twenties. I can write checks, send notes, spend time visiting, etc. What I can't seem to do is find something physical to strike back at all of this. THIS BIKE TRIP WILL GIVE ME SOMETHING PHYSICAL TO DO IN RESPONSE TO THIS STUFF. Riding a bike may not cure lung cancer, but sometimes you just have to physically do something to feel that you are in the battle. Well for me, this is it. So Amy, let's bring on the spandex, and get this thing going.



Lenore & Scott said...

Hi Elyse,
I promised myself (and mostly you, of course) that I would send more messages...even if it is mundane rambling. I hope you enjoy your retreat. I don't know how many of us bloggers would find a divorce alliance thingy all that exciting, but I'm sure you will enjoy being with colleagues and feeling the support and love in a more physical sense versus virtual. I bet Brent has gotten bigger and taller since he has been away. I swear these kids go off to camp and take growing pills! I haven't signed up to do a meal yet, but whenever you feel like tomato/cucumber/onion salad, you just holler. Maybe Lucas and the Weiner Dog Rodeo can whoop it up! Hope its a good weekend all the way around. Hugs to all.

Susan said...

If I had not seen the pomegranet & chips ice cream in your freezer I would have sworn that you made it up. Still cannot put my hands or eyes on it. So, of course, now I have become and "crazy, looking for pomegranet with chocolate chip ice cream MONSTER!" If only I had had just a bite when you offered it. How's the pomegranet and blueberry? It sure is easier to find...Hugs, SJ

Elaine said...

Hello my friend,

You've been on my mind and in my heart, and I just want you to know that. As always, the way you live your life is a model for others, living with intention in a beautiful and inspirational way. Thanks for sharing your journey. I'm following quietly from the sidelines, and I'm always here.
Much Love, Elaine T-K

Rachel said...

Elyse -
I'm glad to return to the blog to hear the good news on the progress you are making. These guys know their business.
And speaking of knowing your business, brava to you for going on the collaborative retreat. You are wise to stay connected in all ways.
Not much to report on this end. Was in Santa Fe for a conference and did NO shopping, which I suppose is big news. Eric brought home a new chocolate product that you will dig. Samples coming your way (after the heat ...)
Great that Brent is coming home - that went fast - and that Ben is coming. You will be surrounded by your boys (and Dot...) xxoo

Bridgette said...

Hello my friend! Well I've been boxing up my stuff and preparing to go West:) I load Thursday and move out Friday! The only thing constant is change. I love the book Who Moved My Cheese. I made all the kids read it a few years back. It seems as if you finally feel like you have it all figured out and on track then something else happens, makes us grow and reach to limits we didn't even think we had. I also have a new favorite book if you do feel up to a quick read--it's called the Alchemist. LOVE IT! I'm so glad to hear that the doctors are happy with how the treatments are progressing. It's just got to be "zapping" something in those lungs. I submit your name to the temple for prayer every week as well--so hundereds of prayers go up for you daily. I really have a strong belief in prayer and that God will comfort you and your family in this trial. BIG BIG HUG! Bridgette

Elliot Schnabl said...

Elyse I read your blog regularly and keep you in my thoughts constantly. I check on you through friends that are in close contact. I know you are strong and this is just the bottom of that mountain of life that you will climb. Stay strong and work your way to the top even when things look difficult.We are cheering for you and pulling you up at all times.

Denny Marcus said...

Elyse I read your blog regularly and keep you in my thoughts constantly. I check on you through friends that are in close contact. I know you are strong and this is just the bottom of that mountain of life that you will climb. Stay strong and work your way to the top even when things look difficult.We are cheering for you and pulling you up at all times.

Wendy Lipshutz said...

Dear Elyse,

Your courage and your energy are amazing! Know that I keep up with you on your blog and think about you lots.

Elyse, I am living in Alpharetta and if this friend from high school days can be helpful, know that I am here. Your strength and determination are an inspiration.
Keep on keeping on! You are an inspiration.

Love, Wendy

Anonymous said...

Elyse -

I've thought of you many times since hearing the news. It made me think back several years when I spent a few weeks taking care of my sister while she was going through chemo.... They were tough times, but she got through them, and she actually looked great throughout the various stages of hair loss and regrowth :-)

Her doctor is also a proponent of (and an innovator in) more aggressive chemo programs. If you would like to talk to her, please let me know.

The Team Dream ride sounds like an amazing, proactive event, and I plan on finding out more and figuring out a way to get involved.

I'll check in more frequently.... sorry it's taken this long. And some subset of our clan may be in your area sometime in the next 4 to 6 weeks to so that Andi can visit Emory. We'll let you know.

Ken S.

Terri said...

I enjoyed our visit last week. You look great and I am so glad you are feeling better. You have so many wonderful friends that love you so - it is inspiring! Keep up the good fight. Let me know if you want some home grown tomatoes this week. My Dad and brother in law gave us some great ones! Thinking of you every day.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sis-In-Law

Always thinking of you and praying for you. If volumes of thoughts and prayers can heal (and I believe they can) you will do very well as you are in the hearts and minds of many.

Through your recovery, the sharing of your thoughts and those of your friends, has been inspiring and uplifting. All of us involved with you on your road to cure are being touched by your strength, determination and the love of family and friends. What a blessing you, John and Brent are in my life. Hang in there.
I would love to actually talk with you when you feel better.


Steve Beagle said...

John and I sat under the stars at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on Friday night listening to one of our favorite older musical gifts - Jerry Jeff Walker. Much of the evening I stared through my binoculars and wondered what is must be like to be a man who has lived quite the life as a troubador on the long and winding road? I also thought so much of you Elyse - thinking here's another person who has lived her life the way she has wanted to with a passion harnessed by strength, kindness and of course great success. I hope and pray nothing gets in the way of you continuing "your own stock and trade. " Jerry Jeff opened with Gettin' By and I love the first chorus which is how I try my best to live and hope JJW can inspire us all to think about livin'

Gettin' By Chorus Lyrics
Artist(Band):Jerry Jeff Walker

OK buckaroos, Scamp Walker time again
Just gettin' by on gettin' bys my stock in trade
Living it day to day
Pickin' up the pieces wherever they fall
Just letting it roll, letting the high times carry the low
I'm just living my life easy come, easy go

Everyone has their own journey - unfortunately I have imposed one hard and inexplicable new chapter on my family getting caught in this incredible economy shrinkage. Journey's come in many forms and some are imposed and some are self-willed. You are boxing your way through a journey that would never be asked for. Your strength on your journey has me in awe.. keep letting the high times carry the low - that seems to be working well for my imposed state... love and prayers - Steve