Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello from "Coordinating with Medical Facilities Central." Given my good response to the current treatment, surgery may now be an option. The bottom line is, I have been advised that surgery is the best option if I am a candidate. There is some question about how the loss of a lung will affect my quality of life, but if I have no life, who gives a s--t about quality.

Not knowing what would be available, last weekend I put out the call for assistance in getting an evaluation for surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) in New York and MD Anderson (MDA) in Houston. This week I also accepted an offer to try and schedule an evaluation at Emory. Much to my amazement, with the help of my remarkable friends and family, every institution has accepted me. I am currently scheduled to go to Emory on Tuesday 8/5 and MDA the following Tuesday. That is subject to change, as the MDA evaluation takes 7 to 10 days. I am working on condensing the MDA evaluation and/or switching the Emory and MDA appointments. In the meantime, Liz and I are furiously working on collecting medical records (a daunting task), I am still waiting for a consensus from my team of doctors here, and the surgeon at MSK is available on Wednesdays in August, so that has not been ruled out. Whew. Thank goodness for Liz and Neil, Doc Dave, Lee, Richard, and Regina.

I am sad to acknowledge there have been two other recent cancer diagnoses of women my age who live in Atlanta. One has lung cancer. My heart goes out to those stricken and their families, and ask that all my blog readers say an extra prayer for their recovery.

What can I do to thank all of my supporters who have helped get me to this point? You have nourished my body, my family, my spirit, and taken care of me in ways unimaginable a few shorts months ago. My goal is a full and complete recovery. There is no possible way that this could happen without each and every one of you.

Love to all


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to hear your a candidate for the surgery!! Go for it! Good luck at all the evaluations. What a blessing to have options!I wrote you more about my move and new singles life on personal email. Dont want to put your friends to sleep. Big hug!

Ann said...

Wow, as they say, you miss a day, you miss a lot.. what a busy 24 hours you have had. You know I am here to help do whatever, whenever, and am hoping for the best possible solution that there can be. My thoughts are with you as always....
With love,

Anonymous said...

The combination of Elyse and Liz....they will be able to move mountains (oh...and arrange a bunch of appointments at the top cancer centers in the US, not too shabby)


Team Dream 2009 said...

You've got a great team--of doctors, family, friends, medical records procurers, and supporters--and an incredible core strength of your own. You've got everything you need to make the right decision for you, get the job done, and get the heck on with your life.

As stressful as it can sometimes be, I know it's a comfort to be moving forward. Go girl!


Steve Beagle said...

Ali - now you move into the defining later rounds where you really excel - strategy and strenght will no doubtly get you to achieve your mission statement.
We are all hear cheering, I consider myself to be the corner cut man - pulling out the vaseline aka jokes to soothe the wounds..

Love and Prayers ... Steve

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Sandy Erion said...

Elyse, it was a real pleasure chatting with you yesterday. I love your spirit! Love this blog...what a great idea.
After we hung up, I remembered an affirmation that I heard on a tape a friend gave me and it helped me get thru the rough days (remember these too shall pass). The affirmation goes like this: I tell my cancer these things:
Thank you for slowing my life down and giving me time to reflect on what is important. Thanks for time to buid even stronger relationships with my family and friends. (then the speaker paused and in a firm voice said : YOU CAN GO NOW!!! Even my kids got into it and said to my lung area many times, "YOU CAN GO NOW!"
I pray that your jouney will be as or more successful as mine.
PS - Remember that when you are taking a nap, you are not just sleeping...HEALING IS IN PROGRESS!

Lenore & Scott said...

You're back!!! Seemed like such a long time between blog entries. You know your peeps are anxious for news from MC Blogger. Medical Records, ah yes, my life's work. How much are they charging per page these days??? You should demand they be put on a CD. The ability to have options, choices, multiple resources and input is awesome(berg). Anyway, I'll keep it short and just remind you the Kayes are a phone call away. Keep on truckin' (yes, we're old). Love, L&S.

Rachel said...

I've been out of touch for a few days (in Minnesota for an Olsen family wedding ...) and am heartened by this good news. There is light at the end of this bizarre tunnel, we can all see it.
p.s., let me know when you do the MSK appointment, I will meet you in NYC.

Susan said...

If everything continues as we discussed this weekend, it means that it is time to wish you good luck tomorrow. Hope all goes well with your Emory appointment! We await your next update and send loads of positive energy your way in the meantime!
Hugs, Susan