Friday, July 11, 2008


I couldn't stand it. I had to rewrite my posting for July 9. The premise was too good not to make it a complete thought.

Plus, I couldn't sleep. Now I'm off to try again.


Anonymous said...

About knew I'd have something to say. Some people will talk to a bald woman some won't. I once went up to a bald woman at Sea World in an attempt to be supportive and she told me that her hair loss had nothing to do with chemo and this is the way she is all the time and didn't need my support. Okay...I messed up. Folks will talk to you and have random chit chat no matter what is on your head and those who don't are not worth the time. I promise! If you need more stories let me know.
Keep up the good work!
Barbara Hubschman

Anonymous said...

Hi Elyse:

I am a little embarassed to let on that I read Ladies Home Journal but we intellectuals must keep up with the masses...
Anyway, there is a story in this month's issue about the ABC morning show anchor who is recovering from breast cancer and I know you won't believe her hair is not her own. I would find out where she had that wig made; it looks so cute and it's actually your style.
Otherwise, I have a hot red Lucille Ball number I wore for Halloween and its available..
Take care! Ellen

Anonymous said...

Marshall has told me what's going on with you. Just know this old Gator will be rooting for you and keeping you in my prayers. Your Gator lineage should help you fight this thing. Love: Stew Perlman

LaurieGD said...

Elyse - I just heard the news a couple of days ago, alerted by Amy's email re Team2009. Talked with Lauren on Friday and Joe Rosen today who told me about the blog, so now I've read the whole story. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, along with all of those others who obviously love you, bald or not! Keep fighting...Laurie Dyke