Sunday, July 6, 2008

There are friends and there are law partners, but there is only one Amy Waggoner.

Below you will find links to a truly incredible part of this journey. I know that we find rays of hope in many places, during good times and especially during the bad times. Thanks to the extraordinary support I have received, I have been fortunate to have experienced many bright moments over these past weeks. So far, the only good I can see coming out of bad is the power of those encouraging experiences. But bringing into fruition the vision of Amy, with the help of Mark Spiegel, Heather Stanley, Mary Eckwall, Lauren Alexander, Marsha Schechtman, David Alexander, Lynn Whitten, and Rachel Jacobson propel me to a level of hope for which words really do escape me. When you view these sites you will surely understand the reason I am rendered speechless.


Team Dream 2009 said...


Perhaps the most important reason we're doing this (well, aside from that whole "eradicating lung cancer" thing) is that we want to show you, ourselves, and everyone else that nothing is impossible.

If you take one moment of inspiration, strength, or courage from our project to use in your own journey, then all of our efforts will have been worth it.

Remember, when life hands you lemons, make limoncello!


Steve Beagle said...

Taking friendship, caring and genuine philanthropy to a whole new level.. Amazing Amy.. speechless is the only word I can say as well after reviewing the Team Dream Plan and rationale..

Remember too.. "A day without orange juice is like a day without orange juice." Rock ON Team Dream.. Elyse we will carry you on all of our wings, don't you worry..

Anonymous said...

Hi Elyse-I'm just catching up on your blog since returning from Israel. I think of you constantly. It sounds like you have some pretty amazing doctors and are surrounded by pretty amazing friends, as well. Amy and the entire Dream Team are doing such a wonderful thing. They are such an inspiration....Kenny may try to join them for part of the journey. You are such an inspiration too. Know that you're definitely not alone. I know I speak for everyone reading your blog in saying that you are in our hearts and prayers. I am always thinking of you and wish I could be with you and be by your side to help you through this difficult time. If anyone can beat this thing it's you. Your inner strength, positive attitude and years of good eating and excercise can only put you at an advantage in your treatment. Everyone here is doing great....we just sent Zoe off for a month of sleepaway camp today. She was sooooooo excited to go. be 12 again...without a care in the world. Andi and Lauren have been running every morning, preparing for their Fall cross country season. Andi's the team captain this year. Lauren's going to hopefully be a counselor at a local art camp beginning in a couple of weeks. And, Andi's hostessing at this new funky restaurant in Bethesda (her first paying job!!)and volunteering at the Children's Inn at NIH as well.I'm out of space. I love you muchisimo. XOXOXOXO, Suzanne