Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Full of Thanks

I am feeling particularly full of thanks today.

I had a wonderful celebration marking 53 years. That's right. I'm 53. Most of you know that. If you didn't, then now you do. I guess I'm grateful in a small way for the gift of looking young. I hope to also feel young again some day.

I am grateful for the gift of a smooth transition to high school for Brent. I spent a not insignificant amount of time and energy working for this. I cannot even claim that my efforts paid off. Public school was his first, and only choice. And much to my surprise, and great delight, he is thriving.

And in a reverse psychology sort of way, the coincidence of two inappropriate encounters today reminded me how blessed I am. The first was an unpleasant comment from a litigant in a 1991 case. She helped reinforce the primary lesson that I have learned from my present challenge; that we are all dealt hands that we don't like. It's what we do with them that counts. (The fact that this woman showed poor judgment today reminds of exactly why she did not get what she thought she deserved in 1991). And to the gentleman who told me to "call him after this thing was all over" so we could get together, thank you for illuminating what is special about my life right now. It was easy for me to turn away from your remark and feel the immediate embrace of my supporters. I am fortunate to be able to count on so many to provide what it takes to keep going. It is a strength I feel every hour, every day.

So I feel the need to pause and give thanks to everyone who cooks, writes, emails, blogs, visits, hugs, donates, prays, walks, drives, cycles, treats and works for me. You are getting me through this adventure cum nightmare, every single one of you.

Sending all the thanks I can muster,


Rachel said...

I know I speak on behalf of many: No thanks needed. We are here for you, and it is a gratifying, effortless pleasure to be your friend.

Ann said...

It is us who should be thanking you for all that you have taught us these past few months...so many important life lessons and interesting perspectives on life and what is important. You are such a pillar of strength and the energy you radiate is contagious.
Keep on being as tough and resilient as you are!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday Elyse! I hope that you celebrated it. I am so thankful for each and every year. Funny how birthdays take on new meanings. I am continuing to think of you and toasting you with a glass of Gobo from Dallas!

Lenore and Scott said...

I'm glad you did not allow the negative encounters to consume you and you were able to put them in the proper perspective. More importantly, you were able to focus on all the positive thoughts and energy and allow that to continue to embrace you.

Susan said...

You may be receiving from others, but we are all receiving so much from YOU! Unfortunately, negativity can be found in so many places but it is the good, positive stuff that YOU exude that keeps us coming back. In return, may our rays of hope and love give you peace of mind! Hugs,

Anonymous said...

We all don't need thanks but just to know you are going to be well again will be thanks enough. I told you Brent would be fine-he's a good kid in a good school.
Keep fighting-your strength is a marvel and a model for me!

Bruce said...

Happy Bday...Thank goes to you not to any of us.

Anonymous said...


No thanks are necessary...you are an inspiration to all of us - thank you!
Good for you that you can just walk away from the inane comments - I remember those too, when Justin was on treatment. Your perspective and attitude are things that I admire so much! Its not always easy to ignore the silly things people say.
Big hugs to you, John and Brent!
Lorie, Lex and Justin

Forrest said...

Happy Birthday! You are right.. I would have never guessed you are 53! I am sorry you had the two experiences you did. The world is not short on thoughtless people that is for sure, but glad you didn't let it get you down. Thoughts and prayers will be with you next Tuesday.

sandplay said...

Happy birthday with warm wishes hugs and thought. You are a hero...whose is cute and looks young...with hopes and confidence that the feeling of being young is sure to come again..we love you and celebrate you. David and Deanna

Janis said...

Although I will be on the other side of the planet, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Since I expect to be in many synagogues and churchse, that will be lots of prayers.

Take good care,


Betty said...

Elyse, I echo the sentiments of those who've commented before me. And, I wanted to add that years from now as you look back on your life... perhaps in conversation with a new friend... perhaps while providing your medical history to a new health care provider... perhaps while talking to a grandchild... you'll be able to say "...and when I was 53, I overcame lung cancer."

Terri said...

Brent is so polite and cute. I know you & John are so proud of him. He told me he loves highschool and that is half the battle! You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Let us know how we can help next week. I am going to make vegetable beef soup this weekend. I will bring you some. You can eat it or freeze it for later. Enjoy this beautiful weather.
Love, Terri