Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hospital update

Elyse is still in surgery. Biopsy results came up negative for metastasis outside the lung, so they are removing the lung, which is the best possible outcome for Elyse. We are ready to begin a full recovery.
JD, 11:00 am


Anonymous said...

Great news!! Elyse, your attitude is an inspiration to all of us. I've got goosebumps all over my body with the good news of no mets. Continued strength, as easy a recovery from surgery as possible, and a good start to the new year.
Lots of love,

Charna said...

John's words that it's the best possible outcome has brought tears of joy to my eyes. This is such a relief! I'm so happy for you, Elyse, and your family.

Steve Beagle said...


You just made my year JD with the best blog addition in months. Speedy Recovery so we can see more rafting photos asap.. I can see Brent rolling around on the floor with Dash, Dot, Sammy D and Dewey right now in relief..
Prayers and godspeed Elyse..aka ALI
LH & Positive Energy .. Steve ..