Wednesday, September 24, 2008

out of surgery

Elyse is out of surgery at 12:00 and everything is good!!!!!!!!!!!!
she will take about 2 hours to wake-up and then to ICU for a day.
I will let you know when and where visiting my begin.

thanks for all the support and prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love you all J.D.


eeplan said...

Halleluyah, John - such wonderful news!! Please give Elyse a big hug and kiss for us - can't wait to see all of you.

Elise & Bob

Lenore and Scott said...

AWESOME(berg)!! GREAT NEWS. Please keep us posted on how she is doing. REALLY appreciate the updates.

kathleen said...

Dear John and family

Thank you so much for keeping us updated. We have been praying all day. We have friends and family all over that have been praying for Elyse. We will be continuing our prayers for a full recovery. However we can help and support you through this time we will.

Sincerely, Hughes Family

Elyse said...

Mom, Ilove you so much and could not be happier. See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Good news indeed!
Still praying for her complete recovery and healing. Had my co-workers praying today too.

Debbie said...

As ,I exercised this morning doing body pump ,the Bruce Springsteen song "Blinded By The Light" played -I jusy knew it was a good sign! I am so very thankful,through my tears.Much love,Debbie & Kenny

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, the Kalins are grinning ear to ear...We are so excited that Elyse did so well....

Love, Jill and Eric

Beth said...

So happy to hear that surgery went well and know the days ahead will be tough, but we are sure you will continue to be strong.
Beth & Joel

Susan said...

Who knew that celebrating the removal of a lung would be appropriate and cause for celebration but there are cheers everywhere for your swift & complete recovery. Sending love from each of us to each of you!
Susan, Mark & Sam

Lenore and Scott said...

Never thought I would be thrilled to say that.
Thinking of you constantly.
Here's to a L'Shana Tovah fo shizzle!

Anonymous said...

I knew it!!!! Didn't I tell you?? I was so thrilled to hear the good news. Can't wait to see and talk to you. Everyone was awaiting the good news today...Who knew that we all wanted your lunggone?
Now get well soon and let's go celebrate.
Love ya,

Terri said...

Brava! We are so glad you were able to have the procedure. Let all the hospital staff wait on you and make the most of your recovery!Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Love, Terri & Barry

Betsy said...

So so happy to hear things went so well. Have had you in my thoughts all day, hoping the surgery was over and you were groggy, but comfy and free of any cancer. Hope to see you soon. Betsy

Steve Beagle said...

ALI - scores the KO !!!

Superman don't need no seat belt.
Muhammad Ali

Let's take some creative liberties here:

Superwoman Elyse don't need no seat beat !!

Not surprised one bit with your will to win.. .. love ya Steve

Betty said...

Such perfect news, Elyse, John and Brent! The Heigl family is so happy for all three of you. Elyse, the hard part is behind you now... May the wind be at your back over the days and weeks ahead as you work toward total recovery.

Anonymous said...

THANK G-D!!!!!!John, thanks for taking the time to update us. Praying for a continuing complete recovery.Michelle S

sandplay said...

Great news!!! Wishes of love, restful sleep and beautiful days to follow.

Marcy said...

What great news -- we have been thinking of Elyse all day. Thank you for the updates. Looking forward to hearing more about each step to a full recovery.

Marcy Bass and Scott Fisher

Jil B said...

Wonderful news!! I am so happy for all of you. I Elyse heals quickly. I appreciate the postings.

Jill B

barbara lincoln said...

We are thrilled to hear that news, keep up the fight and recovery,

gary and barbara

Marlene R said...

Dear Elyse,
So happy to know that yesterday's outcome is so positive!! Definitely things are looking up, and as I have read through your blog, read so much about you, I have a sense of knowing you outside the boundaries of our particular way of knowing one another. I hope that you understand that I see people first as human beings, and the rest are just details . . . having said that, please know that I will continue to offer my support and prayers for you.
Marlene Reeves

Marlene R said...

Hi Elyse,
So happy to read of the wonderful outcome of your surgery yesterday! As I have read through your blog, and as I have started to know you,I admire your strength, your positive outlook, and your ability to share and help others through the experience of your very personal and difficult situation. We know each other due to a professional situation that is outside the normal parameters of involvement in personallives and situations, however, I see people as human beings first, and the rest is just circumstantial details . . . so please know that I will continue to offer you strength, support, and prayers as I follow your journey of recovery.

L'shana Tova (a new year,a new beginning, indeed)
Marlene Reeves
p.s. our son's first name is Brent too!

Scot said...

Just saw the wonderful update from Amy. Fantastic that your surgery went well and you received the news hoped for. Pulling for you all the way.
Scot and Karen

Anonymous said...

rhgfipWhat wonderful news! We prayed for Elyse and even lit a candle for her in a beautiful church! Nice to know someone was listening this time! Much love to all and best wishes for happy and Healthy New Year.

Mickey and Noel