Sunday, September 28, 2008

I had another good day yesterday. I was in the chair and up walking around for a good part of the day. But while I think that visitors are a good thing, the powers that be here at St. Jo's do not agree. Visiting hours are limited and the nurses can be strict in their enforcement of this rule. Hopefully I will be going home tomorrow anyway.

The hospital stay has not been as unpleasant as I anticipated. The nurses and other techs range from OK to great. The bottom line, which will come as no surprise to anyone, is that I don't like to feel helpless. I have not yet been able to get off the bed unassisted. Today's wonderful nurse, Jo, has been on my case all day complaining that I am trying to do too much and not taking enough naps. The pain that I have been experiencing since this morning cannot be ignored. Recreational drugs notwithstanding, my past experience with pain killers includes tylenol and extra strength tylenol, so the stuff they want to give me is way out of my league. So I am learning to heed Jo and Jane's, mantra: stay ahead of the pain.

I am glad that I added a few extra pounds to my frame before the surgery. My taste for hospital food has not improved with my stay. I am mindful as always of what I need to eat, but am reduced to simply eating enough calories to sustain me. I am surprised that Jo has not yelled at me about my food intake yet. If she does, I will have to resort to the tried and true kid tricks like moving the food around on the plate or feeding it to the dog. (I wish!) If all else fails, then I will resume the milkshake diet. Arby's Jamocha and Chick-Fil-A chocolate milkshakes have gotten me by before and I am sure that I can count on them again.

Here come the dinner trays. Now where can I hide that Salisbury Steak?


patti said...

There's no shame in staying ahead of the pain.


LeeAnn said...


Glad to hear how well your recovery is going. Take whatever medicines you need to feel better-you will be able to keep your activity level up if you are having less pain. My thoughts are with you and looking forward to visiting you this week if you are up for company.


Ann said...

You are really recovering beautifully and don't be shy about asking for pain medicines....they exist for a reason! You are stronger than most, so when you need them take them to continue letting your body heal. I look forward to your homecoming.

Anonymous said...

We are so grateful for your successful surgery and great recovery!
Please, please, please listen to your nurses - they are so right about staying ahead of the pain. You will heal so much faster and better if you will stay relatively pain-free. You won't be on these powerful drugs for long, but do use them while you can. Experiencing unnessary pain can keep you from making the progress you so want, need, and deserve!
All our love to you, your men, and your beloved pups,
Cynthia, Cliff, Norman, and Rachel

Lenore and Scott said...

Better living through chemistry! But in all seriousness, staying ahead of the pain is truly a MUST. Believe or not, your body heals better when it is not trying to compensate for pain - you are more relaxed and that is most helpful. I can't believe you may be going home tomorrow. That is great news. I know they kept you in ICU for the REST and although I'm sure the nurses hate to shoo people away it was probably necessary to keep you from overdoing it. Anyway, with this crazy gas situation, I'm not sure when I'll be able to make the trip to Alpharetta. In the meantime, wishing you a very good night, a hopeful tomorrow (that you get parole) and a SWEET and HEALTHY NEW YEAR!

Anonymous said...

Take advantage of the drugs. They will only be around for a short time. They will help you heal. Really!
As for the food, I will be happy to take you on your first trip for a scrumptious meal. Just name the place.
Maybe ask them if you can have John wheel you outside for a little while. That will help wear you out so you will be happy to hop into bed and take a nap.
Just think once you are home, you can rest with Dewey, Dot, Dash and the rest of the clan. They will be happy to sleep away the day with you!!

Burton said...

My goodness, Elyse, why is everyone focused on pain meds, when you are crying out for endorsement of the milk shake diet? I am up to the challenge. I accept. I demand that John smuggle in milk shakes daily. And, while Neil is in town, he must bring them in too. In solidarity with you, I will force myself to have a milk shake each day until you are comfortably back at home. I will not let you down! Love and hugs, Burton

Anonymous said...

Do you have Jack in the Box in Atlanta? They make a mean Jamocha shake too! Happy Birthday to John, Happy Anniversary to you both and Shana Tova to everyone! Sweet dreams! Liz

Lenore and Scott said...

Can't wait to hear if you got paroled or not!

Betsy said...

Ditto on your pain meds, I learned the hard way. We are not good patients. Amazed that you may be home this soon, fabulous. email me when you want a visitor. I will be glad to see you. I wanted some quiet time when I first got home, but soon was bored. Take care.

lwborden said...

We are so glad that your recovery is going well. Don't let yourself hurt any more than you have to! We continue to be amazed by your strength and your incredible good humor.

Love from Ray, Lisa, Madeline and Sophie.

Bridgette said...

How awesome!! Feeling better, less coughing, milkshakes and recreational drugs--life is definately looking up! I'm so glad to hear your up and around. Hope you get to go home soon. As a child I used to hide my unwanted dinner items in the plant next to the dinner table--just a suggestion:) Bridgette

Burton said...

Well, I have tracked down an Arby's and have suffered through my first Jamocha solidarity shake. Tomorrow, I will kick and scream all the way from Shul to Chick Fil A.

Hope that you are having another good day. Shana Tova. Burton