Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Labor Day 2008

Some pictures speak louder than words.


Lenore & Scott said...

WOO HOO!!!!! That looks awesome. Brent is so lucky to have such a COOL mom who loves to do the same things he does. Whenever you're feeling overwhelmed by the cancer, you just show "it" that picture!

kathleen said...

Dear Elyse

I love your pictures but I love your spirit and the drive you have for life. It is refreshing and honest.
My thoughts and prayers are with you, John and Brent.

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Elyse! Now what you need are 4 little boats - for the dogs! I hope that visual brings a smile...

Happy early birthday...hopefully you will get to relax and enjoy the day.

Lots of love and prayers,

Ann said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it remain such an inspiration to all of us. Your determination, your outlook, your incredible ability to overcome adversity, and yes, even your kayaking skills....Since May you have endured so much more than you have ever dreamed your life would hand you, and you have handled it with the grace and courage of a true champion. You are a great wife, mom, friend, and dog parent.
Just keep on doing what you are've got the right formula, and your support network grows ever stronger.
Enjoy today, relax, and rest up.

Forrest said...


What great pics. Glad you got to do that. It was also great to see you at the meeting last night. You looked very good! I know everyone was so glad you came by. We miss you and pray for you. I hope to see you after your surgery.

Anonymous said...

This time has been hard on the whole family. It has not felt like 3 months since the diagnocies, but hopefully, this chapter in your life will come to an end September 24. In my heart, I know that you will be there to see me graduate from high school, go to collage, get married, and have kids; No matter what, we will fight this terribe dissese that has claimed so much of your.....our time.

We will fight and you will win

Love, your son,

Lenore and Scott said...


That was soooooo sweet. I won't even correct your spelling :)

Love, your friend,
Lenore Kaye

Ann said...

I know I spoke with you this morning, but please tell Brent how amazing his words were....hard to believe they were spoken from a 14 year old. They left Lee speechless(also hard to do!) Brent, you are truly terrific, and have had to grow up a bit quicker than most of our boys, but you are handling it with the grace your mother has. As much as we love your mother, we love you.

kathleen said...

Dear Elyse, John and Brent

Just wanted to remind you that our family holds you in our thoughts and prayers. We are here for you in any way that you need support.

Warmly, Kathie Hughes

Steve Ballaban said...


I've always known what a beautiful, sensitive soul Brent is! All my best; I'm praying for a year of heatlh and great news for you!

patti said...

Oh, Brent. What a fine young man you've turned into this summer.