Thursday, August 21, 2008

Couldn't Resist

Just when you thought it was safe to check this blog, that the subject had been fully explored and expressed, check out

Smiling boosts the flow of chi. Not bad for the soul, either.


Team Dream 2009 said...

Ha! Perfect!

Ann said...

A great laugh to start the day. I am sure this website, if it is tracking the number of hits to it, is wondering why it is gettin so many all of a sudden......
Had fun with you yesterday despite the surroundings!

sandplay said...

Great to hear good news!Our laughter and thoughts are with you.
David and Deanna

Anonymous said...

You are truly remarkable! I believe your attitude, the love of your family and friends and your terrific doctors have helped you pull through. You are my hero.

Susie Gerchicoff

Lorie said...

Good one, Elyse! How on earth did the toilet company come up with that name?

Hope you are feeling as well as possible - Happy Friday!


Susan said...

This has been an educational journey in many directions. So glad for a good laugh along the way! (By the way, I am sending this site to Benjamin for his energy conservation work at Current Energy... who knew?)
Hugs, Susan

K said...

Hey Elyse! Thanks for the morning laugh! Doesn't everyone need a composting toilet named after a bone at the base of the skull?! Very happy to hear the good news.
Kyla Lines

Anonymous said...

It's a good one!
Thinking of you with hugs and love,