Saturday, August 23, 2008

Green Light

I never thought that getting the green light for surgery would be a cause for celebration. All roadblocks have been removed, and I'm on the road to pneumonectomy-ville. Of course, preparing for this means more work, more decisions. I also think that the surgery will take place sooner rather than later, maybe the week following Labor Day. The coming week will be a busy one.

I continue to receive energy and strength from my friends and family. I am a boat, you are my oars.



cmillesq said...

Like the fans in the Beijing Water Cube, we cheer at every chance and root for your continued success.
-Chris and Sharon and Little Helen

Team Dream 2009 said...

This is your Olympics, baby. Give it all you got and we're behind you, cheering all the way.


Anonymous said...

Can I be a rudder instead of an oar? Glad to see your spirits are good.

Joe Rosen

Anonymous said...

After this you will be well on your way to a complete recovery and your real life-not this one you have been engaged in.
We are with you all the way!!!!
We love you and your winning spirit!
Roberto C

Terri said...

Fantastic! I know it will be tough but you can do it.Let us know how we can help. Love, Terri

Betsy said...

good luck I will be rooting for you and look forward to talking about this as history soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow...trip back in time....stopped off at Camp Seneca Lake, saw someone that looked like you...but hey...that was 35 years ago....picked up some karma and some sweet corn, so I know you are ready to finally knock this out......


Bridgette said...

Congrats on the green light! Be kind to yourself this week as you work hard preparing. Get plenty of rest so you feel strong!! Love you. Bridgette

Anonymous said...

I love green lights!
You are and remain in our thoughts (scarry though that might be to some) and can't wait to see you kick this thing and get back to 100%.
Virtual OOOOO's

Anonymous said...

Elyse, seems funny to be excited about your getting to have lung surgery, but nevertheless, it sounds like really positive news. I am glad that you have had a round of good news and that your path emerges clearly before you. You have an enormous fan club cheering you on and sending you our energy and love.

We are going to Yosemite at the end of this week to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday. Will be thinking of you in the valleys and mountains of the West and sending thoughts and prayers. Will be imagining you on your next trip West- with your battles behind you, savoring the expanse and beauty with a whole new appreciation that will be richly, profoundly, and uniquely hard won! - Michelle N

Forrest said...

That is big news. Sounds like it is happening quick too. I know you'd rather get the show on the road and start recovering. My prayers are with you Elyse. I know you'll come out of this stronger than ever.

Ann said...

I know this is the answer you have been waiting for, and hopefully, no pun intended, you can breath a deep sigh of relief. We are all behind you and supporting you all the way, sending good wishes and much love, hugs, and everything else good.

Janis said...

Finally, a clear path to healing and getting back to your life. I am with you all of the way.

Los of Hugs,


Bruce said...

You are going to come through with flying colors...No doubt..We are all with you

Lorie said...

Happy to be an oar for you!! You will come thru this like the champ you are.

Its great to have good news, green lights and a plan to go with. We are with you, beside you, behind you all the way. Livestrong!
Lorie, Lex and Justin

Linda said...

Dear Elyse,

Woo hoo! Good news! You now have all the big guns at Brith Shalom in Houston sending positive thoughts your way and prayer heavenward. We are sort of like the Verizon network - with you whever you go.

with much love and constant thinking of you,

Linda and all your friends (known and unknown) in Houston

Steve Beagle said...


Just when you thought I was disappearing - just a short hiatus to catch the opening round of the US Open in NYC - no the hack comic appears.. Seconding Joe Rosen, instead of an oar - can I be the beer cooler in the boat? Not that I am lush or anything just seems to me like it would be very soothing like one of the frosty commercials.

All joking aside, surgery is not something anyone generally gets excited about but in your adventure I would be doing the macarena at the least. I am so pleased that solid progress in upon you now.. Keeping jabbing and prancing in the ring Ali - you will win I know it.

Love, hugs and Prayers - Steve

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Michelle S said...

My love and prayers are with you and we're all waiting for good news.This is where you have to let go and let G-d. He will take care of you.
Love ,Michelle S

Rachel said...

Elyse - How strangely poignant that your journey lasted exactly the span of the summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I know the recovery will go well beyond Labor Day, but you will be out of the tunnel and it will be so very, very good to have the worst of ordeal behind you. Think of how much better next summer will be. Let's start planning an adventure as soon as you are up to it.
In the meantime - sending you all I got. xxoo RJ

Anonymous said...

Relieved to hear that surgery is imminent...Miss you around here...the Kalin clan is cheering you on...