Thursday, August 7, 2008

The visit to Emory on Tuesday was interesting and helpful. If it wasn't about critical health care decisions, it would have been downright enjoyable. Every physician was eager to share knowledge, answer questions, and assist me in any way possible. The staff at Emory and the facility itself were equally accommodating. I feel blessed to have access to great health care at St. Jo's, Emory, and elsewhere.

It is difficult to distill an entire day with health care providers into a few sentences. The upshot is that oncologists think radiation and chemotherapy is the best way to go, surgeons recommend surgery. I am still on track to visit MD Anderson next week. Everyone, my present team in particular, is interested in the results of the tests I will undergo. Is the cancer holding its ground, or is it on the run? The tumor has definitely shrunk but what about the infected lymph nodes? Is there new spread elsewhere? Those are the crucial questions. Without going into more details and nuance, I am leaning toward surgery if the test results look good.

I was granted another reprieve from treatment this week. For the past 6 weeks, if it's Thursday it's chemo day, but not today. Instead, I saw a movie, which I enjoyed, but even if I hadn't, a bad movie is still better than chemo. Trust me.

I have more energy than usual for a Thursday night. I also have my hair and a diminishing cough. I will start getting nervous when it's time to receive the test results, but for now, Life is Good.


Rachel said...

What movie did you see?
Seriously, what a statement about your altered reality, i.e, if tests results are good you'd lean toward removing a lung. Wow. But any good test results are to be celebrated, even if they tip the balance toward major life changing surgery. As many of us hoped and predicted, you are ahead of the game, as always. Let's hope that trend continues.
I will be wandering around the western part of the US for the next 2 weeks - LA, Wyoming and Montana, but will find opportunities to check the blog whenever I can. xxoo

Susan said...

YOU are one of a kind! And, We fully expect that to continue. We are with you all the way!
Hugs, Susan & Mark

Steve Beagle said...

Ali - aka Elyse

Continue your strength and attitude. Remember all this medicine is not exacting science - it's an art and you are the canvas which to me looks like a beautiful Renoir.. your soul and spirit will never break I know it...

Kinda like our hero said before the '74 rumble in the jungle..

"I done wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale, Only last week I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a brick. I'm so mean I make medicine sick."

Sorry I have not been blogging this last week - no excuses I did however hit the job trails out of state without my ltop. Now unfortunately you have to endure my corniness once again..

Today's topic -- education since our little big men and women are heading back to the hallowed halls..

" And who can tell me the Speaker of the House?" asks the 4th grade teacher.

Billy's hand shoots up - " Easy one - Mommy.."

An English teacher says to her pupils on the first day of school, " there are 2 words I don't allow in class. One is gross and the other is cool."

From the back of the room a little voice pierces the silence, " So what are the words?"

Teacher, " Tommy this absentee letter from your father looks like it was written by you."

Tommmy: " That's because he borrowed my pen to write it."

Boy to father: " Can you sign your name without looking?"

Father: "Yes I think so."

The boy snaps back: "Good then shut your eyes and sign this report card!"

"Going to school is a total waste of my time," says little bad boy Johnnie.

" I can't read, I can't write and they won't let me fu_king talk!"

More on this subject in the days ahead.. now some topical late night highlights from earlier this week with more to come..

Congress is going on a much-deserved break. They got so much done this year . . . They don’t even call it a vacation; they call it a recess. Let’s see who gets recess: kindergarten, Congress, and juries. The three you can’t trust to make an adult decision.

Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi turned the lights out on Congress while the Republicans were talking. The Republicans called this outrageous, except Republican Sen. Larry Craig who called it romantic.

Paris Hilton’s mother is angry that John McCain put Paris in his campaign video. Isn’t that amazing? Of all the videos Paris has been in, this is the one Mom’s upset about?

T. Boone Pickens has these commercials for exploring alternative sources of energy like wind power. Once again, I don’t think President Bush understands alternative fuel. Like today he said, “How do you drill for wind?”

Top Ten Things Overheard at Barack Obama's Birthday Party

10. "Where is Britney?"
9. "Hillary, get me another drink"
8. "Brett Favre hasn't decided if he's coming or not"
7. "John McCain has demanded we start drilling for oil in the punch bowl"
6. "Is Senator Craig still in the men's room?"
5. "Where's Paris?"
4. "This is the Barackiest birthday party I've ever been to"
3. No number 3 — writer watching swimming doggies
2. "Mr. Gore, please put your shirt on"
1. "Spitzer's here and he brought whores!"

Great weather in New York City. John McCain had a great weekend — he met with his ham radio club.

Then he played horseshoes at the senior center.

It’s Barack Obama’s birthday today — he’s 47. They say John McCain is 71, but some people are saying he may be older. No one knows for sure because his birth certificate was destroyed when the wagon train was attacked.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was $31 million in debt — $31 million. Here’s how you can help: If you contribute $5 to Erase Hillary’s Debt, you can have dinner with her. For $10, you get to tie the lobster bib on her pantsuit.

President Bush left on a seven-day trip to Asia. He’s going to visit South Korea, Thailand, and China — or as Bush refers to them: China, China, and China.

The Olympics are right around the corner. China has announced that protestors will be allowed to assemble in designated “protest areas.” Or as they’re commonly called in China, jails.

Barack Obama has agreed to debate John McCain three times this fall. Both candidates have conditions: Barack Obama wants to have the debates on college campuses; McCain wants them held before 7 p.m.

People magazine reportedly paid Angelina Jolie $14 million for pictures of her twins. You can read about the deal in Jolie’s new self-help book, “How to Have Babies for Fun and Profit.”

Barack Obama’s birthday today. Also, Bill Bob Thornton’s birthday. Both very different of course; one’s a former drug user who’s a little bit crazy and will always be in love with Angelina Jolie . . . and the other is Billy Bob Thornton.

Angelina and Brad sold photos of their twins for $14 million — $14 million! I’d show my twins for free.


Keep boxing Hard Elyse Ali.. we are right there for you with all the love and prayers you will need to get by...

Love Steve

Rhonda said...

It was great seeing you at lunch yesterday! I want you to know that I have always admired your strength and this event in your life only exagerates that admiration. Seeing the smile on your face is part of the recipe for what makes you a person to be admired. You, and 'your boys', have been and remain in my thoughts and prayers. You have me on your side in this one! Love you girl, Rhonda

Anonymous said...

Having gone on a couple 'cancer road trips' I know how crazy it all is. Take all the info in a let it settle then try and think clearly. I will say that everything sounds like it is going well and you have a great team! Keep up the good work!
-Barbara H

Forrest said...

Hi Elyse,

Just checking in to see how you are doing. I am glad to see you are in such good spirits, getting good news and feeling like you are progressing in dealing with this. Keep up the good work.