Monday, August 11, 2008

Medical Industrial Complex Day I

Picture the Northside/St Jo's complex around Johnson Ferry and Peachtree Dunwoody Roads. Now multiply that density by 10. Then multiply that by 2. You probably get the picture. Luckily, my schedule today consisted of visiting only two buildings, and I was accompanied by either Liz or Neil.

I was familiar with all the tests that were conducted, so no surprises there. I guess my predominant impression is that for such a massive organization, it seems well run with superior employees. With a minor exception, everyone with whom I came in contact performed his/her job effortlessly and with great compassion. Like my experience at Emory, if it wasn't for getting stuck with needles and injected with dyes, it could have been a pleasant day.

Tomorrow I have a PET scan, which is like a CT scan only more involved, and I meet with the surgeon. I have one more test scheduled for Wednesday, and the possibility of meeting with more physicians. Tonight I will relax, enjoy a delicious dinner sans carbs (doctor's orders for the PET), and get to bed early.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you only wonderful news from MD Anderson. You are very fortunate to have the knowledge base from such an outstanding oncology team.

Anonymous said...

Hey Elyse -- sounds like a good day! We like that. My fingers are crossed for more of the same. It was great to see you and your boys on Saturday. You look fantastic. Good luck on your tests and keep us posted. oxox Howard

Terri said...


We are glad you are so impressed with your experience at MD Anderson. Good luck with the remainder of your tests. We think about you every day.

Terri & Barry

Jody & Gary Greenwald said...


Just wanted you to know that we have been thinking of you and have been following your progress on your blog. We know that your friends and family have been a real source of strength to you. We will keep you in our thoughts and hope that you continue to get better.
Love, Jody & Gary Greenwald

Anonymous said...

HI! I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed:) It takes a lot of courage to do what your doing and I will, as usual, be praying like crazy. Say hello to your family in Houston for me. I'm still so mad that I just moved from Texas. I could be there!!! Keep us informed. Big hug! Bridgette

Burton said...

Welcome to Houston Elyse. With you just a few blocks away, I guess it is time to stop lurking and start posting. Hope tomorrow goes as smoothly as today, and look forward to visiting with you later in the week. xxxooobgm

Patti said...

Medical Industrial Complex... all of that power fighting cancer. It's an awesome thing to imagine!!!

We've been busy (billing!) so I'm just catching up on the last few posts. Glad your good feeling on Thursday carried over into Life is Good. You continue to amaze us all with your strength and grace.


Anonymous said...


I'm hanging on every word...
You're in my thoughts.

Rhonda Flynn said...


I talked with John today and got your blog info, so here I am. We are in the home stretch of Molly's big day and so are at the Temple all the time. Since your name was on the "prayers" list for more than a week, I asked what was going on and finally heard. I can't begin to imagine what you, John, Brent and the rest of your family and friends are going through. I just want you to know that the Flynns are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers everyday. Hopefully you will feel up to being at Molly's big day. I did get your response card, but I do know you have to take it one day at time. From your blogs ( I have now read each one) it sounds like you are approaching this in the same way you do everything else: get all the info you can in order to develop a good plan of action and then just go for it!!! Hopefully you will be hearing more from us before the 30th.

Rhonda, George, Molly, Connor and Cinnamon Flynn