Thursday, August 14, 2008


Another day another test.

I'm beginning to feel that whatever life I do have is getting sucked out of me. I have had enough of cancerville. Tomorrow is another meeting with Roy Herbst. I'm not sure that Herbst & Co. is satisfied that they have all the information that they want to make a recommendation. Regardless, I will most likely get on the plane on Saturday to return to Atlanta. I feel that I am losing my perspective on where I am, which will make it difficult, if not impossible to make a good decision. I will make the most of tomorrow's meeting and then it will be time to regroup.


Michelle S said...

It's 3PM friday. I hope by now you're getting something substantial to go on and come to a decision.You sound a little bit tired, but you could do it. You'll get your 2nd wind and strength to continue and fight the battle. YOu have a lot of stamina. It's like you said you just need to get away from there and recoup. YOU CAN DO IT!! Love and prayers, Michelle S.

Anonymous said...

Elyse, you have enormous strength- this too shall pass. Even though this is a fabulous institution, I know that as you get some distance from the tests and hospital industry complex, you will begin to be restored. Sending you hopes for clarity and light. Love, Michelle N.

Jill said...


I hope that you have information that will make you confident in your treatment decision. A year from now your memory of this week will fade but hopefully what you have learned will be invaluable.

I am in Atlanta now for my dad's surgery and if you feel up for it I would love to come by and meet you.

Have a safe trip back to Atlanta.
Jill B

Erica Prewett said...

You are a beacon of positivity, focus, and resiliency. Even if you don't feel like it, that is WHO YOU ARE.

Please know that all of us in Atlanta are thinking about you and praying for your clarity and strength.

Erica Prewett

Terri said...

You are understandably overwhelmed. Now is the time to take a couple of days off and try to focus on something else. You need a break! I saw Brent at the bus stop this week. He is so cute & polite. He seems to like highschool. He looks so much like you! Take time to do something that you enjoy. Hang in there.
Love, Terri

Patti said...

Come home and regroup. I'm anxious (as I know we ALL are) to find out what you were finally told, but don't want to call and bother you until you get some rest and are ready to spread the news.

You're always in my thoughts,

eeplan said...

Come home to your boys - I know you will feel so much better. I hope the Houston docs are helpful, but if not, there are other options.

Keep the faith, my friend. I am sending my love and thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elyse, hope you had a safe trip home. I know you are thrilled to be back with your men and your puppies. I went to the gym this am to work off all we consumed (will miss the coconut ice cream with chocolate sauce, do you think MDA will sell me that chicken salad by the pint?). I saw my friend Robin W. who is also a very close friend of Holly's. She is the other friend I wanted you to meet. You may be hearing from her as well. We met so many outstanding people this week. You did not always get the information you wanted to hear, but your ability to process it all and stay focused was truly amazing. I am still trying to sort out all that I learned. I do, however, know two things. Number one: From Atlanta to Houston, I have never seen a more compasionate, committed group of doctors. With all of the phone calling and email sending that went on (morning, noon, and night!), I don't know how they had the time to treat other patients! You chose your doctors wisely. I am so grateful to all of them and know you have a phenominal team backing you up. Number two: You are, and have always been a fabulous sister (in-law). I love you and am here to support you every step of the way! Thank you so much for coming to Houston. I know it was a tough week, but it was an important one. Good luck with your test on Monday. Remember to ask for good drugs so you don't remember anything! I love you, Liz