Monday, August 18, 2008

Some Good News

An issue concerning my left upper lobe was resolved positively today. "Radiation pneumonitis." Translation - inflammation resulting from being in the radiation treatment field. Score. Thanks Drs. Komaki and Wiggers. I love good news.

Otherwise, it was just another long day at the hospital. MRI, radiation treatment, meet with doctors, and wait. Lots of waiting.

Tomorrow is another test, one that requires some anesthesia. It's not the general kind, it's the kind where you get really, really relaxed and then you don't remember anything. And if you're me, you probably throw up sometime afterward. I appreciate anesthesia, but we don't entirely get along.

Another test means more waiting for results. That kind of waiting is so very hard. If you've never been in that position, you're lucky. If you have, you know what I am talking about.

Please keep those virtual hugs coming.


Team Dream 2009 said...

Here's the first virtual hug for you, from your biggest fan. I'm sure you'll get many many more. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep collecting those hugs. Sending strength, courage, hope, and love, today and always.

etk said...

Hi Elyse

just thinking of you and thought I'd say hi. summer transitioning back to school year brings lots of good changes, and I'm sending all those vibes to you!

Sending hugs and all the positive energy I can muster ;)

Be well, my friend :) Elaine

Ann said...

Hope you can feel this hug, cause it is BIG!!!! You know I am sending you love, warm thoughts, and lots of courage to face each day. Every day brings a new story for you, and you handle it with amazing grace. You are truly remarkable, and a very special person.
Closing with another hug......

Michael said...

Arms around you tight!
Cuz Michael

Anonymous said...

Great bigs hugs, and lots of them, Elyse! Glad to hear the good news - keep it coming! I hope today is as easy as possible for you and that somehow the anesthesia decides that it would like to get along with you and be nice.
Waiting for the test results is no fun at all - hopefully the adorable four legged residents of your home will distract you with their hilarious antics. But no more mice :-)

Lots of hugs, from Justin and Lex too!! Lorie

Terri said...

Glad to hear good news! I'm sorry you have to wait all the time, I guess that is just par for the course. If you see me walking the dogs, I hope you won't be afraid, I thought I was doing something good for myself yesterday and had a facial. Today I look like a red faced monster! I guess being beautiful is not in the cards for me. Ha! I hope your anesthesia is as good as mine was when I had my colonoscopy- I could do that once a week! I woke up so relaxed and refreshed. It was great! Good Luck today.

Love, Terri

Anonymous said...

Lots of hugs. Now for the practical -- I am likely too late for today, but in case there is a next time, which I wish there would not be -- are they giving you anti-nausea meds with the anesthesia? If not, you need to ask for one or even two anti-nausea premeds.
I know that I should write something upbeat, even spiritual, and tell you how great you are (which is true), but all I have to say at the moment is "WHAT A DAMN MESS" and that I am here, if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that I am thinking about you and sending all the encouragement and hugs I can. Something I learned - take the anti-nausea meds even if they say you will probably not need them. If you wait until you need them, it's usually too late. Gald to hear your good news!

Kathy Levitt

Anonymous said...

Hope you atleast got some good Texmex in Houston. My dad did his residency at MD Anderson, so I am glad to hear that they listened and took good care of you. My parents offered to lend you a hand, but I told them you had your family. Just wanted you to know that I miss you and am thinking of you. Dani is chomping at the bit to bring her "surprise" over. We are picking it up this Thursday. So maybe this weekend? Call me...
Jill K.

Steve Beagle said...

Hey Ali - of course we will not stop our virtual hugging and praying whether you like it or not.. keep boxing and waiting..
it stinks, stinks, stinks but all the positive

Also keep the music moving in your background.. it is essential. And of course the comedy hack that I am has a joke about why this is so important.

LHPS ( Love hugs and prayers ) Steve

Charlie Brown walks into Schroeder's living room and he is listening to the stereo in a huge overcoat. Charlie Brown asks, " Schroeder, why do you have an overcoat on?"

Schroeder replies, "Because I get chills listening to Beethoven."

That is the power of music

Bruce said...

Good news will lead to more good news. Big Hugs and positive Karma sent your way everyday.

Bruce said...

Good news will lead to more good news. Big Hugs and positive Karma sent your way everyday.

Susan said...

I am wondering if you have pulled out those funny movies, listened to THE BOSS, found any new ice cream flavors or enjoyed your four legged kids in their latest flee circus acts lately... Sending you strength & love today & every day!
Hugs, Susan

Betsy said...

Elyse, I am connecting with you through the dream team that I found as I was trying to do a triathlon as something crazy to focus on in between my chemos. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2008 and also did the MD Anderson visit etc. I ended up with Duke Hospital doing minimally invasive surgery and removing my upper lobe then having chemo, so I am moving into the now wait and watch. I had a great comment from a shoe salesman that I love and will share with you. God uses commas, people put in periods. Quite thought provoking to me, who knows what is around the bend, and what is next, but keep that strong positive attitude it is key to health and survival. My husband and niece are very interested in riding with the dream team and I would like to be involved in anything that can be done here in Atlanta. I live in alpharetta. Take care.

Forrest said...

Glad to hear the good news!! You keep on trucking. I am sure these hospital visits get old but the end result is worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kid: How's it hanging? I'm back from Alaska and then a week teaching in San Diego. A bit too much travel, but it seems to be what I do best. If you thought Pineapple Express was bad, don't waste your time with Tropic Thunder. Ben Stiller at his worst.

Take care.

Love You.

Joe Rosen