Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Medical Industrial Complex Part Deux

I am still awed by the smooth operation of this behemoth. Tests run at 8 am put results in the hands of the doctor by noon. I have several more tests scheduled, so no conclusions yet. The surgeon, however, did set a world record today. Liz and I waited 4 1/2 hours to see him. My 9:30 am appointment began at 2:00 pm. But we managed to eat a delicious breakfast and an equally appealing lunch. MDA takes hospital food to a whole new level. I also was paid a visit by the Jewish Chaplain. Who knew that MDA supported Healing Touch and Shamanic Journeys, my faves from Canyon Ranch?

We're off to see Pineapple Express. That should take my mind off things.


Chris Cleary said...

What does one say after arriving 4 1/2 hours late to an appointment?

"There you are! I've been looking all over for you."

"I just had the BEST lunch. You should have been there."

"4 1/2 hours, you say? We better make this quick then, I'm meeting some friends for happy hour."

"Have you ever noticed how addictive YouTube can be?"

"They were out of carts. Walking eighteen holes takes much longer than you would think."

"I'll be right back."

eeplan said...


I sent you an essay from the NYTimes yesterday (decided not to post the whole thing on the blog!) that was a "must read" for you.

Glad you are blogging from Houston - I know we all want to know what is going on there.

Sorry the doc was not more timely yesterday - hope they had VERY good magazines in the waiting room.


Lorie said...

Four and a half hours? Too bad you couldn't send him YOUR billable hours! :-) I bet he'd be more timely if that happened.

Medical Industrial Complex sounds large and intimidating, but I've never heard anything but good about MDA, and your experience seems to back up that of others. Glad it is going well.

It was great to see you last week - when you get back and are ready for another cruise, let me know, and I will be there to take you out.

Kick cancer's butt!

Susan said...

When you finish seeing the movie, head over to some of those fabulous restaurants for which Houston is famous. Gain back those illusive pounds. Then, hit those wonderful stores at The Galleria (perhaps St. John's)and buy something new and expensive. You have earned it all! Susan & Mark

Anonymous said...

As you know patience is not a virtue of mine so I'd have probably said something much less clever than Chris! However, you don't want to tick off your surgeon I guess. Sort of like making your waiter mad and he spits in your food. I'm sure he was off saving a life or something silly like that:) After all the waiting were you impressed? Feeling confident that he's the one? What a day! Have fun at the movies!!