Friday, June 20, 2008

A Better Day

What a roller coaster ride this has been.

I woke up today full of fear, hardly able to function. Today's visit from special friends meant so much to me, even if I struggled to be present with them.

This afternoon I met with the radiation oncologist and she was nothing but positive. She addressed all of my questions and concerns about treatment, about side effects, about my diagnosis, everything I could think of to ask. It looks like I will be getting a dose of radiation every week day for 7 (7!) weeks. She assured me, and reassured me again, that this is the protocol. This may cause fatigue, a rash, problems swallowing, a partially useless lung (I may still lose it anyway), but this, alone, will not cause hair loss, or any other dreaded side effects, real or imaginary. I will also be receiving chemotherapy treatment simultaneously. I am meeting with the oncologist on Monday, so I will have more information then. I was very upset after my other meeting with him, so I am apprehensive about that appointment. Nevertheless, having a concrete treatment plan, along with Dr. Wiggers' support have made a tremendous difference in my frame of mind.

After today's appointment, I was even feeling up to a visit to the offices of Aussenberg Waggoner LLP. (You may have heard of this ultra famous group of family law attorneys and staff. If you haven't, you should.) It was great to be there, to watch others enjoy Happy Hour even if I didn't partake, and take pleasure in the company of my colleagues. Depending upon the chemotherapy regimen, I am planning a return to the work force, albeit in a limited capacity.

I have also made plans to communicate with MD Anderson Medical Center in Houston. In the short term, I will get a second opinion (on records, only), but I will also establish a connection for future treatment or inquiries, if necessary.

So, I feel like I'm back in the saddle, or the oar boat, ready to paddle down this stream. Not sure how to explain that I'm excited about the prospect of weeks of dousing my body in various poisons, but it just feels right, at least for now.

My spirit is rejuvenated, even if my body still needs a lot of help.

Love to all.


Anonymous said...

Dear, Dear Elyse,

Know that I am thinking so much of you -- keep your chin up and know how loved you are. You are so clearly the same strong and courageous woman I know from so long ago. Though we don't connect that often, those Amirah bonds are still so special--and you are so special. I talked with Debbie today after y'all visited, and she gave me your blog. Love to you, Wendy L.

Anonymous said...

Of course you feel better today, you finally get to FIGHT BACK, and you will WIN.
xxoo Love, Rachel

Ann said...

Having talked to you today and reading your blog, I feel so much better for you. Your improved frame of mind is so evident, and as soon as you were done meeting with the doctor today and we talked you were so positive. That attitude will get you through this. That and milkshakes. And the 16 legs that adore you at home(not to mention the two legged creatures you have also!!!) We are all living this with you as much as possible, and only want the very best for you.
All my love,

Forrest said...


Glad to read you got over the initial shock and are ready to fight on. I have another friend who went through those treatments for breast cancer and it has been successful for her so I am hoping the best for you too. Glad to see you are in a good frame of mind to tackle it. Talked with the two Joes and Chuck yesterday and they are all thinking of you too.

Diane said...

Dear Elyse

You are very much in our thoughts and prayers.

With love and in friendship

Suzanne and Steven

Anonymous said...

Elyse, you are amazing! You are absolutely ready for whatever rough and tumble the next seven weeks brings. Thinking of you LOTS! We are going to Lake Burton for the week, call on cell at 678-488-7393 if any inkling for a day or spend the night visit, Michelle N.

Elyse said...

i am so glad that you made this blog so everyone can know how you are doing.

love you,

Patti said...

It was so great to see you!! The sparkle and hope in your eyes made my weekend, Elyse.