Monday, June 9, 2008

The day started out slow....breakfast out to accommodate house cleaners....two mile walk at Leita Thompson Park with all the Denys boys (John, Brent, Dash, Dewey and Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.)(no that's not a misprint - his name IS Sammy Davis Jr. Jr.). I struggled to eat my fruit and yogurt, the walk was not easy......

But then, after some stretching and a shower, I suddenly felt....myself again! It was just like me! I got dressed, had some lunch and..... went to work! It was so normal. You cannot imagine how nice it was to sit in my office, bark a few orders and feel like me. Just plain me.

Thank you for today, whoever you are.


Lenore & Scott said...

There is something to be said for routine, predictable, normal and boring! You've got more energy than I do - at least you take a walk! Anyway, the Kayes (including Lucas) are thinking of you.

rayg said...

hey, glad you had a good day yesterday, im in office all day and all week lisa here this weekend, what do you need? thinking of you all the time, love, ray/lisa/madeline/sophie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding us of what a privilege it is to have the energy to go to work every day. (Some are in need of reminding these days ...)

Terri said...

When I saw you in the car today, you looked like you felt much better! That's great! Hope you enjoyed your walk today, it was much cooler this AM. Take care.

Steve Beagle said...

Hey Elyse - glad to hear you are feeling better...

For Sammy Davis jr. jr. - "One day Sammy got on a bus in Alabama, the bus driver told Sammy, "Hey Blackee, go to the back, now!" but Sammy turned around and said, "But I am also Jewish!", then the bus driver said, "Then get off!"

Top Ten Answers To The Question "How Hot Is It?"

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7. "It's so hot, Exxon is charging $4 a gallon for ice"
6. "It's so hot, Iron Man's suit left grill marks on his ass"
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Amy Arogeti said...

Great to hear that you are beginning to feel like yourself again. It must feel good to bark orders to people and have them actually do the work. I have tried for 21 years to get my kids to listen to me before I start barking and now that the youngest is going to college, they finally get it.
Hope you continue in the postive
Much love
PS Steve
The jokes are funny

Patti said...

Sorry, I'm running a little behind on commenting, but just had to say how AWESOME it was to have you in the office and be the recipient of some of those "barked" orders!

Love you,