Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Schedule

The show starts THIS THURSDAY instead of next Monday. Industrious Elyse wants to try to make Monday through Wednesday productive days. Don't expect to see me in court, or at 4 Way Meetings (for my collab colleagues), but I want to return to the office in some capacity.

Am I apprehensive? You bet.

And BTW, the chemo I will be receiving is carboplatin, which is in no way related to the precious metal that comprises the jewelry that I deserve after going through this s--t.

I'll be in touch :-)


Lenore & Scott said...

and I'm always up for jewelry shopping!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your emotions and fears are on a roller coaster, but it's cute to hear your sense of humor come out.Enjoy your 4 days of work. It'll be the quiet before the storm. Good luck. We're all with you. Michelle S.

Anonymous said...

I so believe in an upbeat & positive attitude to force personal healing. You've got it and you'll continue to sprint forward until you've taken control of this situation, TOO! I'm in your corner. Mary Waggoner

Anonymous said...

Thursday is tomorrow! You must be thrilled - on some level - that finally you will be doing something to eradicate the monster!! On the road to recovery!! yay!!

xxoo rachel

Forrest said...


Glad to see your sense of humor is intact. I am sure you are ready to get something going. Best wishes for this first round.

Anonymous said...

You're my favorite Jewish girl. The only one I know that takes a one woman raft trip and ends up with a good guy, Mormon husband that likes to fish. Somewhere there is a Bruce Springsteen song that will get you through this. I wish I listened to him enough to know what it is. Hang in there.

Joe Rosen

whb said...

V and I are pulling for you. True to form, she has a litter of kittens from a cat that somebody dropped off near our house. I highly recommend a new pair of kittens for your condition. Actually, you should have a pair at home and another pair at the office.

Anonymous said...


I hope that today goes well for you and that your side effects are minimal! It is scary, but something is now being done and that must feel good - you've got so many allies in your fight! Stay strong and kick cancer's butt! You can do it!


Steve Beagle said...

Ali - hope your round 1 was tolerable. Now you need to laugh..

Three men and a dachsund were sitting at a table playing poker. THe stakes were high and an onlooker was amazed to see the dachsund win two hands in a row. "That's incredible,"sadi the onlooker, Ï've never seen such a smart dog."
"he ain't that smart,"whispered one of the players. "Whenever he gets a good hand, he wags his tail. !"

An Englishman, A Scotsman and a Jew had a five-course meal at the top of a London restaurant. At the end, the waiter presented them with a bill for $120 pounds.
" I'll pay that," said the Scotsman.
The front page of the following day's Mirror newspaper carried the headline: Jewish Ventriloquist Found Dead in Alley....



Bill Clinton is campaigning for Obama. President Bush is campaigning for McCain. And I’m thinking, “Wow. This could really be the year for Ralph Nader.”

The Democrats have announced there will be no fried foods at their conventions. Hooray! That means Al Gore won’t be there.

Anonymous said...

My ultimate dream is for someone to insist I gain weight and include lots of sugars! :) That will be one of many things you'll hear for the first time through this treatment regime. As I mentioned to you on the phone--try to find ways to make the treatments as pleasant as possible. If anyone has great books on tape, songs, comedian acts, whatever ..that can be downloaded onto an ipod to take your mind off things when feeling bad load it on there. Stock up on all the movies you haven't seen and would like too, ones your friends recommend--downlaod them! When home...maybe hook up WII. I love guitar hero! Do things that make you feel light. Anyone on the wigs yet? I would love to look like Jessica Alba. HA. What's your secret desire to look like? They make great wigs now. I will see you soon! I am thinking and praying for you today as you go to round 1! You are a warrior and will beat this enemy! Love you. B

Anonymous said...

Your attitude is amazing. I think about you all the time and know you will pull through this. These doctors by now have to know you are a fighter. Chin up!

Susie Gerchicoff

Ann said...

In my kids lingo, "you da bomb!!!". Glad to hear today went well. Just keep your chin up and show them what you are made of. You are incredibly resilient, and will get through this. If you need help with the Baileys let me know. And by the way, my mom did not make me write this(ala Lee).
Keep smiling, and keep your wonderful spirit.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elyse,(formally Caren Fishman) it's been a really long time since we've been in touch, Julie called and told me what you've been going through the last couple of months. Really sorry to hear and now read about what you are going through. Always thought of you as Neils's "cool" older sister and it looks like you still are! My thoughts and prayers are with you and when you're back up and around if you ever make it towards Phoenix, would love to reconnect! Caren Oberstein