Friday, June 13, 2008

It is difficult to understand why today was so much different than the day before. I finally took some cough medicine before I went to sleep, so I slept well Thursday night. I woke up feeling good, ate a respectable lunch and dinner, and my energy level remained steady throughout the day. It was another almost "normal" day. I even felt a little guilty not going to work.

I particularly wonder about the food issues I am experiencing. For instance, I am not at all interested in coffee, and even chocolate has lost it's considerable appeal. It reminds of being pregnant. There are smells and tastes that I find unpleasant, and I have lost any desire to eat breakfast, which is highly unlike me. In fact, skipping any meal is unusual for me. About the only food craving I have is for protein.

I don't think I can distinguish whether my bad days are rooted in emotional or physical troubles. Right now I'm thinking that "mind over matter" can be powerful. So that is challenge du jour, really every day.... to stay positive.


Ann said...

Hope you continue to feel good and are able to enjoy the weekend. I am so glad you have had this good day. To everyone reading this blog, I am coordinating dinners and lunches for the Denys/Aussenberg family beginning on or around the 22nd of June(depending on the schedule of surgery and homecoming). I have heard from many people who want to help in this regard, but if others want to be included in the schedule I am putting together, please email me at An email to those that have contacted me already will be going out today. I am overwhelmed at the response, and so is Elyse. It may be next year before they ever cook again!!! Seriously, they are blessed with loving friends.
Have a great weekend, girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Elyse, I am sitting on my back porch with Vinson and Elizabeth- telling stories, drinking juice, playing restaurant, and listening to thunder that threatens but never releases the rain. Vinson has been sick and we have not done a single productive thing all day. I have finally settled in, given up the urge to get something done, and am now determined to just focus in on the small wonders around me. Just wanting you to know that I have been thinking of you and hoping that you can be released to the small wonders and to being in the moment as I imagine it is the best/only way to get through this time. Sending love and swift passage through this time of uncertainty and waiting, Michelle

lwborden said...

Elyse, Ray and I are thinking of you and your family and sending all our positive energy your way! Please go into this week knowing that you are loved by so many people who are all doing the same.

You will appreciate the fact that Ray wanted to post something himself but could not figure out how.

Lisa Borden and Ray Giudice

Bridgette said...

Hey! I got back from Utah and no worries --I ate enough for BOTH of us. I just can't believe that you've turned down chocolate! I need to come out there and get you eating. Sounds like Ann is hooking you up! I can think of Ipilitoes(sp) rolls, Stoney River wedge salad and poppyseed rolls, soft shell crab in that she-she area you took me once, greasy burger at the varsity and mango chicken at the thai restaurant by the house. Oh, and Mellow Mushroom pizza. Yum! See if we were out I'd help you eat! :) Hang in there--only a few more days to real answers. Love ya, Bridgette

Steve Beagle said...

Great to see you and John last night Elyse -- based on your aura I know Tuesday will be a very positive outcome - hang tight and put your mind at ease..

Onto your requests..

A tourist is walking through a rural town in North Georgia when he sees a vicious dog mauling a child.

The dog is extremely vicious and the man valiantly kills it with a spade before the dog lets the child go unharmed.

It just so happened that the newspaper editor of the local paper was an eye witness to the event. He ran up to the man and said " that was the bravest action I have ever seen. Tomorrow morning the paper will read", "Local man slays rabid beast!" "Thanks" says the man. "But I am not local, I am not even from this area."

"Then the headline will read, Gallant Southern gentleman saves child."

" Actually, I am not Southern," replies the man. "I'm from New York."

The next morning the paper reads, "Yankee murderer executes family pet."


As always some topical stuff...

Hillary Clinton, over the weekend, conceded. She’s now claiming she was forced out by NBC.

Before Hillary spoke on Saturday, there were sure signs that her campaign had ended. There were signs. Yeah . . . Bill brought a date.

Hillary may be secretly glad this whole thing is over. Because now she can go back to doing what she loves the most: hunting, drinking whiskey, shooting . . . back to her roots.

Well, the good news is, Hillary is on Barack Obama’s list for a potential vice president. The bad news? She‘s just a little below the Rev. Wright.

Top Ten Signs Your Weathercaster is Nuts

10. Urges people to drink plenty of sunscreen
9. Only shows clouds that look like Jessica Alba
8. Can't stop eating them contaminated tomatoes
7. He's curled up on the floor meowing like a kitty
6. Changes 3 Hs from "hazy, hot and humid" to "hookers, hookers, hookers"
5. Says the heat wave will continue until government gives him $10 million and a helicopter to Mexico
4. Tells viewers the storm left town faster than his slutty ex-wife
3. His predictions are about as reliable as George W. Bush
2. Keeps cool by doing tequila shots off the sports guy's stomach
1. Reads forecast with his doppler hanging out

Hot today in New York City — 97 and sultry. Just like Barbara Walters.

Here’s how hot it is: Mayor Bloomberg has changed his name to Mayor Iceberg.

So hot, the nuns were out in front of St. Patrick’s misting themselves with holy water.

Yesterday, Barack Obama said his differences with Hillary Clinton are “infinitesimal, tiny, minute, trivial, and inconsequential.” When he heard this, President Bush said, “That guy knows way too many words to be president.”

CNN reports that John McCain is aggressively trying to win over the “independent vote.” Of course, to John McCain, “independent” means anyone who can make it to the toilet without help.

A spokesman for United Arab Emirates Airlines says this summer it will launch nonstop flights from the U.S. to Dubai. The spokesman said, “We want to give Americans a chance to visit their money.”

Archaeologists in Jordon have discovered the world’s oldest church: 2,000 years old. People used to go there for King Herod, Moses, John McCain . . .

There’s a salmonella outbreak; they believe it’s linked to tomatoes. You don’t realize how much you eat tomatoes until you can’t get them anymore. Today I was forced to order a BLB, which is bacon, lettuce, and more bacon.

Lenore & Scott said...

Since I've not even begun to comprehend your physical situation, I won't pretend to know the emotional/pyscho aspect. It's Sunday morning now and I do hope it has been and will continue to be a good weekend for you all. I've never been one for breakfast, so I can't relate there, but chocolate?

Thanks for coordinating the meal schedule. I will email you!

Steve Beagle said...

Just a short note to wish you John a very happy father's day. I would be remiss without laying a few father's day jokes on you:

"I remember the time that I was kidnapped and they sent a piece of my finger to my father. He said he wanted more proof." - Rodney Dangerfield

"When I was ten, my pa told me never to talk to strangers. We have not spoken since." - Stephen Wright

I remember Dad coming home, telling Mom the plant was closing, and ther'd be no more work. Then he sat down in his chair and screamed at the top of his lungs - it was possibly the worst possible moment to have played " the thumbtack on the seat" gag.

All will go well Tuesday - I feel - love Steve B..