Saturday, June 7, 2008

I enjoyed a series of pleasant visits from friends, in an otherwise uneventful day.

I have to admit to harboring a little secret that I was going to reveal tonight. I was hoping to catch a raft down the Nantahala River tomorrow, paddled by Amy and by my river-guide-for-life. (That would be John, of course.) Alas, Friday's tests knocked me down too far, and I don't feel up to a full day trip that will be physically demanding, even under the best of circumstances. I will have to take a temporary rain check on this trip.

Sweet dreams, everyone.


AKW said...

I'm leaving all my weekends open until you can make that trip. Don't keep me waiting too long! Your paddler in chief,

Anonymous said...

Great picture of you and John. Looking forward to many more good times in the future. Faith is powerful and worth holding on to. Not only does it motivate you to live each day to the fullest, it makes you look at life with positive fresh eyes.
Hope your chest feels like taking another punch soon.
Amy A.

Anonymous said...

Today a woman who received the most votes ever cast in a presidential primary conceded to black man. WOW. It's the year of breaking barriers and beating the odds.
You are ahead in all polls, and you will be paddling before you know it.
xxooo and love from D.C.

Anonymous said...

I just got word of your daunting new adventure. After reading through your blog, I am struck by your incredible resiliency, optimism, humour, and joy in life. (I miss all of this as we are so long overdue for our dinner or rafting date.) I am also overwhelmed with a belief in your strength and power to prevail in this challenge. Am sending thoughts, prayers, and love. Await the call for a rafting date. Love, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Ok, lots of people want to raft with you, but who is willing to kayak with you back up river just to catch another ride down? You know I still have a two man kayak and I am very happy to take you for a ride. Sometimes you have to sit back and let someone else paddle. I'm willing, if you are.
Hope the chest is feeling better today.

AKW said...

Ahem, that would be a two PERSON kayak, Ms. Schechtman. I'm just sayin . . . . ;-)


Steve Beagle said...

Well wrapping another weekend of chasing rugrats and a trip to Brevard to drop Sara off in G-d's country.. Thinking of you and knowing your strength will carry you in every positive direction. Ok some comedy from your wannabe stand-up... courtesy of late-nite etc. Stand-up only works in live interactive settings - we will get to that too...

Topical stuff first -
Top Ten Questions on the Barack Obama Running Mate Application

10. "How much experience do you have doing nothing?"
9. "Do you have any crazy clergymen we should know about?"
8. "Will you help your oil company buddies achieve record profits by screwing consumers?"
7. "How many friends do you have on Facebook?"
6. "Can your charisma and vitality match the high standard set by Dick Cheney?"
5. "Why the hell was Billy Crystal on Letterman talking about 'Soap the Complete Series' now available on DVD?"
4. "Do you think the Yankees should move Joba back to bullpen?"
3. "Any idea what happened on the season finale of 'Lost'?"
2. "Ever slept with Barbara Walters?"
1. "By any chance do you know where Osama bin Laden is?"

Tom Cruise is moving to New York City. You know what that means — Mayor Bloomberg will no longer be the shortest guy in town.

Thank God it’s over. The Democratic national primary. Nixon was president when the whole thing started.

Hillary Clinton has officially announced she is ending her campaign on Saturday. She’s going to wait until Saturday because Friday is the Honduras primary . . .

Barack Obama clinched the Democratic presidential nomination this week, and it’s been reported that Hillary Clinton is going to concede on Saturday. That’s Saturday, Dec. 15, 2017.

Yesterday, on the campaign trail, John McCain said that he's in favor of change. McCain said, "For example, I just switched from Cialis to Viagra."


A man walks into a bar with a small dog. The guy sits the dog on the piano stool and the dog proceeds to rattle off three great Billy Joel tunes with his paws.

Suddenly a bigger dog runs in, grabs the smaller the dog by it's neck collar and drags it out..

The bartender says, "that piano-playing dog was amazing but what was the problem with the bigger dog?" The man replies, Oh that was his Jewish mother - she still wants him to be a Dr. or a lawyer not a starving musician! "


Our dog Milo is worried about the economy because dog food is up $.50 cents a can - that's approximately $6.00 in dog money..

Milo barks all night.. I'm thinking of buying him a burglar..

Milo is a watchdog that reacts instanteously to intruders - it hides under our bed !!