Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yesterday was a difficult day. The meeting with the oncologist provided a wealth of information, but still left big questions unanswered.

The results of last week's endoscopic procedures were inconclusive. The current plan is to proceed with the surgery next Tuesday with the understanding that the first step on that day would be to perform biopsies on lymph nodes from both the right and left sides of my chest. Apparently, these biopsies involve significant amounts of tissue, much more than can be obtained from the endoscopic procedures. If there is any indication that these nodes are infected, the surgery will be postponed. I know that I have already written about that possibility, but I have also become more aware of the consequences of that scenario. The discussions between the oncologist, surgeon and pulmonologist are ongoing, so my cell phone is glued to my ear and I wait......

I am so lucky to have friends who can provide knowledge and support during this difficult time. I cannot thank you enough.


Robert Port said...

I saw Robert A. this morning, and learned the news. What can I say? I know you will kick-ass on this just like you did in the Guardian Ad Litem case we had way back when. :-). Judy and I are thinking of you.

jhrga said...

Each day is a gift. This medical stuff is just so out of our realm. John emphasized how good your medical team is. It was good to hear. I know how important the thoughts and prayers of friends are through these things.

You are loved by many.

Joe Rosen

Lenore & Scott said...

Hi Elyse,
I know you were hoping & planning to have a clear course prior to surgery, but as you said in the beginning of the blogging, medicine is not an exact science. So now you wait it out for 5 more days and enjoy each moment as much as you breath at a time. Call if you need anything.

Forrest said...

Hi Elyse,

Just found out about your blog and it is great. I have a friend whose son had leukimia and she did the same thing and she said it helped the two of them a lot. I am so sorry to hear about this but I know if anybody can whip something like this its you. I will keep tabs here and I would like to come visit some day down the road when you feel up to visitors. Until then you'll be in my prayers. Best wishes.

Lorie said...

As Tom Petty sings:

The waiting is the hardest part,
Every day you see one more card,
You take it on faith,
You take it to the heart -
The waiting is the hardest part

May your waiting be as easy as possible. It so tough to not be able to DO something, especially for people like you, who are used to DOING! something fun! Be decadent and see another afternoon movie :-)

Oh yea, I can also quote your favorite politician, Gov. Arnie of CA - "You can do it!"

Stay strong and try to enjoy every minute of this time. My mantra for you - This cancer has NO idea who it is up against.
With loads of prayers for peace and strength for you, John and Brent,

Ann said...

Please keep your spirits up and only think of what can be...not the unknown. I know how much faith you have in all of your docs, and know that you are now moving forward to cure your body. I wish I had a magic wand to make your anxiety go away, but I'm not a magician, or fairy godmother, and I'm not a doctor. So, just as a friend, I'll tell you that I love you and you'll be fine and don't worry....that's what friends are for! I am thinking of you and praying for you always.

Carolyn Dinberg said...

When someone like me who hasn't seen you for awhile gets word of this, you know just how huge a circle of friends and community you have pulling for you! We will say a misrabeach for you, and emphasize the peace as much as the healing, because that uncertainty can eat away at you. You've never seen a rapid you haven't been able to take on--some days will be Class I's and II's, and others no doubt will feel like Class IV's, but we are all visualizing for you that after the muddy waters and challenging drops, you will arrive healed and healthy once again in beautiful stilled waters, in defiance of the complicated rapids. Our thoughts (and the type A part of my personality!) are with you, John and Brent. Carolyn and Steve Dinberg

Anonymous said...

Elyse, just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you every day. Sending love, Michelle

Steve Beagle said...

I am amazed Elyse at your strength and courage - you go girl.. keep it going.. Love - Steve

now your favorite stand-up wannabe keeping it clean..

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The country of Abu Dhabi has announced it is buying the Chrysler Building in New York. Why not? The Saudis already own the White House.

Today, they unveiled John McCain’s new campaign song: “Viva Viagra.”

The New York Times reports that Clinton associates are keeping an enemies list of people considered “Clinton traitors.” Ironically, both Bill and Hillary are on each other’s list.

Beautiful day here in New York City. So beautiful, the NBA was rigging volleyball.

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The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
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Top Ten Signs an NBA Game Is Fixed

10. Game begins 20 minutes before visiting team arrives
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Another hot day in New York City — 89 and insufferable. Like Regis.

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