Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today's news was not what I, nor any of us, had hoped for.
Before surgery can be considered, I will need other treatment. I am meeting with a radiation oncologist tomorrow, and the medical oncologist on Monday. At least the waiting is over, and we know.
I am not sure that there is a way to prepare for bad news. It is still inconceivable to me that I am in this place. I am shaken, temporarily. I know that I must remain positive, so I will work through the disbelief, and fear, so that I can face what lies ahead.

I suppose it can't hurt to keep those prayers coming.



Sam, Susan & Mark said...

YOU have our prayers, support, & love too! YOU are going to get through this! Sending you a big, big, big hug. We are here for YOU!

Amy said...

You have our unconditional love, support and prayers with you always.

Amy and Lee

Ann said...

Our prayers are with you. You are a fighter and will not let this get to you. I've seen you tough things out before, and I know you can do it this time. These doctors don't know who they are going to be dealing with! Keep your spirits up and know how much support you have. We wish you all the best.
Ann and Mike

Steve Beagle said...

Elyse -

I am sending our love, support and hugs in this trying time.. You know I want to send you some jokes but I will rest until you give me the green light as you have requested in the past.

Carl Sagan had a very appropriate quote:

There are many hypotheses in science which are wrong. That's perfectly all right; they're the aperture to finding out what's right.

Hang in kiddo and stay strong. This is not an exact science and they don't have all the answers immediately but thankfully they have great technology and many ways to fight .. as do you...

Godspeed.. Love Steve for the rest of the Beagles..

jhrga said...


My thoughts and prayers remain with you. There is no why to any of this. Just hang in there and plug on. Each day is a gift for all of us.

Forrest said...


My prayers and thoughts are with you. I know that is true for other NFBA members too.

Anonymous said...

OK Elyse, we didn't see that coming. You were knocked down (as we all were), get up, deep breath, get your bearings and now beat the crap out of it.You can do it and beat all the odds. We're rooting for you and praying for a speedy recovery to Esther Leah bas Raizel. All my love, Michelle S

Anonymous said...

Elyse, NO, that is not the news we have been waiting for. Sending prayers as you gather up strength for the next round. I have not a doubt that you have the tenacity, determination, and courage to prevail! Thinking of you as you absorb this and take stock and then move onwards, Michelle N.

Anonymous said...

Damn! --Mary Beth

Patti said...

Okay, so we move on to the next step. As bad as it is, we want it ALL gone -- none of the bad stuff hiding away and coming back to bite you later on. It's going to suck, but you can handle it. You're strong, you're loved, you're needed and appreciated by so many, and we ARE going to get you through this.

I love you, Elyse.

Anonymous said...

I just heard the news...and I am so disappointed. But you are a strong-willed person with alot of people sending extremely positive thoughts your way. You will deal with the next step and we will all be with you every step of the way. We miss and love you,
Jill (and Eric)

Anonymous said...

Elyse - If ANYONE can beat the odds, it's you. You are strong in mind and spirit, and you have a baseline of health exceeding that of most humans. Hang in there. We are all with you.

xxoo Love, Rachel and Eric