Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just thinking today about this blogging thing. I did not give it much thought before I did it - only that it could provide information to a lot of people easily (and that I could put up that picture of me rowing a raft, which I really can't do but which looks cute anyway). I did not consider that there would be ups and downs, that it could get intense, raw even.

Which leads me to today. I thought treatment protocols were set, and that my own treatment would follow a certain path. It occured to me today that this is not the case. I am learning that each person's illness is different, and that physicians make judgment calls, much like in other professions. That this is as much art as it is science.

So, I wait. For results of more tests, input from a medical oncologist. It is so much easier to be doing something. Waiting is so hard.

Still, I feel all the love and support, I trust the professionals, and I know I can do this.

Tomorrow is another test and another day.


Julie Johnson said...

Elyse - We are so glad that you are blogging so that we can stay in touch with the latest news. Stay positive and we'll keep you in our prayers.

Todd and Julie Johnson
Nedra Johnson

David said...

Thank you for sharing. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Your presence was with us all last night.Much love,

ERE said...

Elyse -

keep the faith, my friend. this damn disease has no idea what it is in for as it faces you!! you have an incredible community of people who love you.

let me know how I can help...

the other elise

Lorie Markowitz said...


Your blog is a great idea and hopefully you will find it cathartic, as well as an effective method of (accurate) communication. I totally empathize about the waiting and not knowing - it is tough. But YOU are one of the toughest ladies I know, and you have loads of people praying and pulling for you! That cancer has NO idea who it is up against. Stay strong!

Lenore & Scott said...

Hi Elyse. Tact and sensitivity aren't always my strong points, but I will try as I post my comments!! I think the blog is a good idea, even if it can be painful. Medicine is not an exact science, and you're medical presentation is probably profoundly unusual. I don't know if having you in everyone's thoughts and prayers is helpful, but I know I can't stop thinking about you, John and Brent.

Ann said...

Trust me, you will come through this a stronger person than ever. The waiting is so tough, I know, but it is what is required to get you 100% healthy. Know that you are loved, thought of, and prayed for daily by so many people.

Skip Weiland said...

Elyse, not being a great hospital person myself, I think my role should be more along the line of planning the "Elyse is back in the saddle without having gotten egg on her face party." We're here to help in any way we can, especially if John and Brent can tollerate my cooking. We look forward to seeing you soon! Love, Angie and Skip

Anonymous said...

Hi Elyse,
Thanks for keeping the blog updated, as it keeps me in touch with you - so if we can't talk, at least I can check back here regularly. You know we are thinking of you................
with love

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having the courage to share your news and feelings with your friends. It is hard waiting for answers especially for us who want it done now and yesterday. Keep busy with life and time will move along as always.
We love you
Amy and Robert

cgw024 said...

Elyse- It has taken me 3 days to figure out how to register to use your blogsite. Thanks for forcing me into learning a little technology.
Randy and I have been keeping up with your progress through Liz and Neil. You are in our thoughts daily and we are so sorry that you have to go through this difficult time. You are such a strong person both in body and mind and this will help you through the tough times. It sounds like you've got great doctors to get you through this. With love, Catherine and Randy

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts with us. It will hopefully be therapeutic for you to contemplate your experience and it is an opportunity for all of us to support you and gain wisdom from your journey. My doctor changed his mind often and I believe it is a sign that even though others have had similar experiences, he takes each case as individual and new. How great to have him in your corner. It sounds cliche, but take each day as it comes and roll with it. Big Hug! Bridgette

rmelnick said...

Thank you so much for you diligence in keeping us all up to date. As painful as it must be to rehash all of your news and progress, it allows us all to keep up without the phone ringing off the hook on your end.
You are a strong, determined woman that will kick this nasty thing...I know this and it is my mantra for you.
I am there for you and anything you need.
Love you, Lisa Melnick