Friday, June 27, 2008

Maybe today is the new "normal."
Radiation at 11:00 am, a brief shopping experience (for hats), and then on to the office for lunch and some administrative work. I'm feeling good, and thinking clearly. It has been a good day.

Next week's schedule will be different, as the only morning appointment available for radiation is at 9:30, so I will readjust my schedule.

In the meantime, I plan to enjoy the weekend, and hope all of you do the same.


Barbara lincoln said...

We finally figured this out and how to get to the site, we have been thinking of you. We want to run into you, john and dash Et Al again in peaceful, fun places. When you get done with the chemo and dr D's drawings (he also likes yiddish and sarcasm), asheville would be a great place to rejuvenate. If Dash, Sammy D Jr jr or and of the other long dawgs need some assistance, you know we would be happy to help. Keep up the fight, Gary and Boo

Anonymous said...

you are the best. I am keeping up with you. We want you to know that we are all walking for you, and know that with your attitude you will be with us part some of this walk. we are excited that amy joined the team. You are in our thoughts and we just know you will do great. love, debbi chartash

Ann said...

You looked good tonight after the initial treatments. Glad to know you were able to have a little getaway this weekend. If anyone deserves it, you do! Glad to know that I can still make a grand entrance too! For anyone wanting to help out(and it seems like everyone does), the website to use is This website allows you to sign up to provide meals to the family on certain days through a calendar system. We have extended the calendar through August 22 to get us through the initial phase of her treatment so there are plenty of available days now!
Take care, Elyse, and take care of John and the doggies too.