Monday, June 2, 2008

First, thank you's are due for the visits and food this past weekend. Everything is appreciated.

The meeting with the surgeon this morning was not as upbeat as I had hoped. Here is where it stands:

Surgery is currently scheduled for June 17 at St. Jo's. However, there is still some possiblity that I will need chemotherapy and/or radiation prior to surgery. That decision is pending a presentation of my case to a panel at St. Jo's that will be made by my pulmonologist, Paul Scheinberg. That meeting takes place tomorrow. Assuming that surgery is a "go" on 6/17, the first step after I am put to sleep will be to check lymph nodes inside my chest. According to the PET scan, which the surgeon describes as 80 - 85% accurate, they are not showing as affected, but if a biopsy done on the day of surgery shows otherwise, then the surgery will be postponed and different treatment options will be considered. If the biopsy is negative and the surgery proceeds, the most likely scenario is the loss of my left lung. Apparently, many decisons on how to proceed are made that day.

All in all, it was sobering. I am processing all the information that I received and remain optimistic.


Anonymous said...

We are optimistic also. You are a strong woman with a fighting spirit going on an adventure with friends and family that love you, doctors with the knowledge to do what is best for you and courage
to face life's bumps with faith.
Robert and I are along for the ride with you in our prayers.

Marsha said...

This blog is great. I feel like I get to check in with you daily. Although I couldn't go on this years rafting trip, I am definetly along for this ride. I will be available to do whatever I can to help you and the boys.
FYI, has St. Jo's ever had a martini cart rolled down their halls????
Love you,

Dave Kurtzman said...


Adam told me and sent me your blog. If nothing else, please allow me to add my prayers to those of the rest of your loving circle of friends and supporters.

-Dave Kurtzman

Anonymous said...

If there is anyone that would be able to kick this thing in the ass, it is you. We'll roll with the punches and I agree with Marsha that St. Jo's should invest in a martini cart during happy hour! Anything you need in the meantime, I'll fly down at the drop of a hat.