Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12, Part II

From darkness to light.....

I didn't think I could get there today, couldn't see where to go.

There are so many people behind me and beside me, but today it was Michelle, Mindy, Ann, Dr. Cynman, and Dr. Scheinberg who pulled me up and out. My lung may belong to medical science, but tonight my heart belongs to all of you.

And special mention to the dinner crowd, especially for teaching me how to correctly use a roll of plastic wrap and aluminum foil. You have changed my life forever.



Anonymous said...

Hello sister-in-law

You are in our thoughts and continually in my prayers. I wish I lived closer and could be a better support team.
As for lymph node surgery, I, nor any of my friends, had any problems or long term effects from having lymph nodes out. Some things changed, but nothing you cant live with (scars, and a few depressions in the skin). I had 13 out and they were fine. You are also going to be fine. Many freinds have had a few positive ones and they have been around a long time to tell about it. I feel so good about things for you. I get a calm feeling when I pray for you. I don't know the road you will have to take to be healed, but feel that you will. REMEMBER, THOSE OF US WHO WERE OPTIMISTIC AND DETERMINED TO FIGHT, WON. YOU WILL TOO.


jhrga said...

To add to comedian Beagle's patterns:

Have you heard the one about the two men and the woman who applied for a job with the CIA as a contract killer?

The three were separated and given a gun. Each was told that their spouse was seated in a chair in the next room and they had to go in and kill them. Each man entered the room with the gun, and then exited in tears saying they couldn't do it and the job was not for them.

The woman entered the room. Shots were heard, followed by sounds of a struggle and screams, and then silence. The woman then came out, looked at the interviewers and said "there were blanks in the gun so I had to beat him to death with the chair."

How's that Beagle

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, pulling for you.

Anonymous said...

The 17th will be here sooner then you think. You have so many friends, their friends and your family sending you only good energy. Stay focused and strong.
With lots of hugs

Anonymous said...


Eric and I are thinking about you and thinking positive thoughts. I miss you at work...Who can I compare watches, shoes, etc. with? You will be in my thoughts on Tuesday and I look forward to coming and hanging with you while you recuperate. Love, Jill (and Eric)

Anonymous said...

We just keep the good energy flowing your way.

Love Deanna and David :-)